Excellent use of 36 tricks in decoration material

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Some people say that home is "Besieged City". People outside the city want to come in and people in the city want to go out. In fact, decoration is like "siege". Only when there is momentum and every step is "win", can we fight this tough battle well by paying attention to strategy

lure the tiger away from the mountain

use adverse conditions to perplex the enemy and lure the enemy with artificial methods. Taking the initiative to attack is dangerous, but luring the enemy to attack is beneficial

if you are very specific about what you like and what you like is very clear, then you must use this trick. When choosing building materials, such as flooring and lighting, if you give others the impression that you don't buy this one, then it's more difficult to bargain. Therefore, when buying, you might as well compare the prices of several styles and models, so that the promoters can't tell which one you want to buy, which one is cost-effective, and which one you want to buy. Or let's say directly that if you see a similar one in someone else's house, how much is it? It gives you the basis for bargaining...

hard to get

if you force the enemy too tight, the enemy will return to fight back. If we let the enemy escape, we can reduce their momentum. To pursue the enemy, you only need to follow closely rather than force him too much, so as to consume his physical strength and disintegrate his fighting spirit, and then catch him when he collapses

this trick is applicable to signing contracts with home decoration companies and bargaining when purchasing building materials. It is a universally applicable strategy. The so-called "hard to get" in our decoration strategy should be explained as: its solid inside has been determined to buy, but in the communication with brand promoters or home decoration company designers, don't be particularly urgent, otherwise you will be very passive

people who have experience in this field may know that most of the time, the price you want to get is determined when you are about to leave, and the seller may be very helpless. However, whether it is out of the volume or after all, there are still some profits, the transaction is still beneficial for them, and it is important to grasp the scale. At the minimum, no matter whether you make a deal or not, you at least know the lowest price of this product

Li daitaojiang

the situation between our side and the other side has its strengths and weaknesses. The contest of strength between the two sides lies in the contest of strengths and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses

in the current decoration, in order to achieve the most ideal effect, we should give full play to our own initiative and the professionalism of the home decoration company, and the two closely cooperate. How high should the bar be, whether the small bathroom can still put bathtubs, whether the bathroom door is sliding or sliding, and whether the kitchen is open or Chinese... In fact, the expert's opinions on these details are not important, but should fully reflect your preferences. If it's something you like very much, you should create conditions to do it, because the house is not an ordinary consumer goods, and you need to live for at least five or eight years, So the important thing is to like it

no matter how popular this thing is and how suitable it is for you, you should still have your own judgment. Usually, due to habits, designers' designs inevitably have similarities, and your opinions and modification methods are likely to create good designs and classic designs. Let yourself be in charge of your own home




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