The classical style silk wall is freely made

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"Mei" fragrant hanging painting

if you have art skills, you usually like to draw two strokes casually, so you don't have to challenge this slightly more difficult DIY. Three density boards of the same size are painted with silk painting skills. After drying, plum blossoms are painted on the board. The large-area pattern design winds through the gap between the boards without losing continuity. The background of "silk" greatly improves the texture of fine brushwork, and the simple Asian style is more distinctive. After the finished product is painted and dried, it must be painted with a layer of transparent paint to protect it

change the dining chair into "makeup"

repaint the chair back with silk like painting techniques. After the paint is dry, use a fine brush dipped in brown paint to draw a dotted line flower pattern on the chair back. The pattern can refer to the pattern on the chair cushion to achieve overall coordination. After the paint is dry, stick a dividing line of two colors on the chair back with masking paper, and paint the same color as the chair surface and legs on the outside of the paper. After all the paint is dry, paint it with varnish for protection

the "flower" pattern at the head of the bed

the concave back plate at the head of the bed is the best place to make silk like embedded paintings, which looks antique because of the emergence of plum blossoms. Use wood paint to brush the back plate into a silk effect. After the paint is dry, use a fine brush dipped in brown paint to draw dotted lines around the frame. Press the made plum blossom paper template on the back plate, brush the adjusted color paint on the hollow part of the plum blossom paperboard, and use the same method to make multiple plum blossom patterns. After the paint is dried, it is painted with transparent varnish as a whole to cover the pattern, which plays a protective role. The effect of the finished product is like the plum blossom pattern embroidered on silk cloth

print "flower" screen

when brushing silk background paint, choose light blue paint for priming (refer to Nippon dream thousand color card for color selection), simply wipe the brush with a lint free towel, and brush another layer of gold paint with the same brush before the blue paint is dry, and the gold paint and blue paint will be slightly mixed. After the background paint is made, mix the blue and gold paint evenly, then brush the mixed color paint on the side of the pattern template, and then print it on the screen again. The color mixing finally achieves the three-dimensional feeling of diversified pattern colors and layers of thickening





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