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China's top ten brand fine wood craftsmen can easily decorate the whole house + open a new era of whole house decoration

from ancient times to the present, home is the foundation of a person's survival, and there will be decoration if there is a home. Living well has always been one of mankind's simple ideals. Therefore, decoration is a necessary skill for human evolution for thousands of years. Since prehistoric times, human beings have begun to deal with decoration

but in the traditional concept, decoration always seems to be linked to trouble. The cumbersome and unfamiliar processes of home decoration budget, building materials, decoration company and design style have become a lingering pain in the hearts of consumers. Now, the craftsman of fine wood has launched a new model of "easy decoration in the whole house +" buy today and install tomorrow ", providing consumers with a one-stop home decoration solution to make home decoration" simple "

then, what services can Jingcai Yizhuang + provide for consumers

traditional home decoration mode:

1. Home decoration budget: the budget of the whole process of traditional home decoration, from design to material selection to decoration, is unknown

2. Home decoration material selection: whether it is self selection, or half package, all package scheme, it can not avoid the waste of materials in the process of home decoration

3. Choosing a decoration company: it is a tedious process to find a decoration company and a carpenter. Either listen to a friend's introduction, or search online, or let the merchants who sell decoration materials recommend. Not to mention the labor cost, I often hear that some black hearted companies will cut corners in the decoration process, which is really a little uneasy and has to be supervised from time to time. Find a well-known decoration company. The cost is high

4. Decoration design style: the traditional decoration mode is to choose the style according to the house type drawing, which cannot experience a more comprehensive effect in advance

whole house easy decoration + mode:

1. Decoration style design: fine craftsman whole house easy decoration + provides you with "fine craftsman decoration tools". Consumers can choose their favorite house type in the fine craftsman decoration tools for simulated decoration. Experience the decoration effect in 720 ° 3D space

2. Home decoration material selection: materials for home decoration, refined materials, craftsmen, and easy decoration + can provide you, + what you want, + what you need

3. Decoration budget: fine craftsman can easily decorate the whole house + make the budget more transparent. What materials do you need and how many quantities do you need? Fine craftsman's decoration tools can be accurately calculated to avoid material surplus or waste

4. More guaranteed brand: as a first-line brand in China's plate industry, the company has set up an after-sales service team to provide free maintenance for the whole house's easy-to-wear products within three years. Therefore, the owner can safely use the whole house easy to install products without worrying about quality problems

5. Service advantage: refined craftsman, easy to dress in the whole house +? Buy today and install tomorrow, and implement two commitments + four services, that is, all the functional boards of easy to install modules in the whole house adopt E0 grade environmental protection base materials, and the hardware is guaranteed for life! As well as the four service advantages of convenient material selection, free design, free distribution and ready to install finished products, so as to better meet the needs of consumers

behind many services and models, the goal of refined wood craftsman whole house easy decoration + is to shorten the decoration process, reduce the undesirable value of consumers, improve the quality of home decoration and improve the quality of life. Refined wood craftsman whole house easy decoration + will lead the transformation and development of the entire plate industry, and is committed to providing more consumers with better services

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