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Ms. Peng, who interviewed, told reporters that she had a crush on a set of "solid wood + stone" tables with an original price of more than 9000 yuan in a store not long ago. At that time, the promotional price was more than 6000 yuan, but she still wanted to wait. "Later, I didn't see anything more affordable than that!" She regretted her failure to seize the opportunity of shopping

Xiaobian learned that many consumers are upset because they miss the best time to buy and can't buy high-quality and cheap home decoration products. Xiaobian kindly reminds consumers that according to the statistics of relevant departments, the prices of a number of people's livelihood items including vegetables, meat and poultry, edible oil, clothing and so on have been raised in the first half of the year, and the home decoration market is no exception


when entering the market, they feel that they "underestimate the budget"

after all, the home furnishing industry is not a daily consumption. If consumers don't really understand the stores, they may not feel the price changes. A few days ago, when the reporter visited some consumers who were carrying out home decoration, many owners said that due to lack of experience, they did not have a good prediction of the price trend of decorative materials before home decoration, and they basically did not know when to start, nor did they understand the rising range of the market, which made them surprised that the original consumption budget would be overspent in the face of the already rising prices

the reporter met Ms. Shao who was shopping for furniture in the home shopping mall. She told the reporter that at present, she mainly looked at the discounted sofas, dining tables and chairs, and upholstered furniture. "I still choose products with discounts from major brands." However, Ms. Shao said that her original budget for furniture was only about 50000. "Now a comfortable four seat leather sofa with reclining function is nearly 20000, and my budget may exceed the standard."

in fact, many consumers missed the opportunity to purchase because they failed to grasp the time curve of the rise in the overall price of building materials, resulting in serious consumption overruns. Many salesmen of building materials stores revealed that the prices of furniture and major main materials will be adjusted to varying degrees in mid August and late August. At this time, it is just a "water test" of the price. There is often a difference of thousands of yuan between different stores of a set of furniture. Owners should compare prices more and start in time

market personage:

viewpoint 1 the rise in labor costs increases the decoration costs

data show that in the first half of 2012, the overall level of consumer prices nationwide increased by 3.3% over the same period last year, and the slow rise in the market price of home building materials has become an indisputable fact. Among them, the increase in labor costs in the home decoration and building materials industries has become the biggest factor

"for cement workers, the construction cost has increased nearly twice this year. Compared with the same period last year, the construction cost per square meter has increased by 3 yuan. If it rises again, it will be a little unbearable. These are not very familiar to ordinary home decoration owners." The decoration engineering department has some helplessness. On the one hand, it has to face the rise of costs and labor costs, and on the other hand, it is the pressure from the owners to pursue low prices. Another designer revealed that many home decoration processes need manual operation, especially rural and European style home decoration, but the owners blindly reduce labor and engineering costs, and the workers can't take over the work, so the design effect will be greatly reduced

view 2. The increase of main materials is about 5%. The opportunity of "bottom hunting" should be grasped.

under the influence of various factors, building materials enterprises or collective prices rose in the second half of 2012. According to experts, the price of paint has increased by nearly 10% on average compared with the beginning of the year. Wood and stone are restricted by raw materials, and the price increase range is about 5% - 20%. Ceramic and hardware dealers have also received price adjustment notices from manufacturers, because their inventory is about to bottom out, or make corresponding rises in order to survive

on the one hand, the cost of main materials has soared, on the other hand, the owners are still looking forward to "bargain hunting". Especially in recent years, with the increase of consumer groups of secondary decoration and tertiary decoration, urban owners prefer mature brands. However, if they want to buy favorite brand products in the price rise season, many owners choose "holidays" to start, but often miss the best time of "bargain hunting". Facing the rise of the overall budget of home decoration, consumers can stagger the peak of price rise only by choosing styles and making a deposit "as soon as possible"

editor's comments: one autumn, more than half a year. The price of materials such as flooring, ceramic tiles, cabinets and labor costs are likely to rise in the second half of the year, of which the main materials will rise by about 5%. Consumers should buy home decoration supplies as early as possible before the "price rise tide" and grasp the "good opportunity for shopping"





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