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Causes and solutions of orange peel markings in cigarette package printing The water lines are not exposed, and the skin film is irregular and wavy, similar to the orange skin lines There are several reasons for orange peel like spots when there is too much oxide skin:

1. The ink has poor leveling property, poor printing adaptability and high thixotropy

2. The ink dries too fast and has a high viscosity. In the next 3 (5) years, the roller will vibrate due to the non-circular shape when it splits after imprinting

3. When using water-soluble ink, the printing material has too much repulsion force on the ink and the influence of electrostatic phenomenon

the corresponding solutions are:

1. Ensure that the ink has good fluidity, "try to maintain high viscosity", which is suitable for the printing press

2. Make the initial dryness of the ink a little slower. At the same time, adjust the padding and related parts on the imprint roll of the machine to reduce the vibration required by downstream users

3. Eliminate the influence of static electricity

source: information on Chinese cigarette pack ink

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