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Causes and solutions of ink bubbles in gravure printing

during the printing process, a large number of bubbles are generated in the ink in the ink tank. These bubbles are attached to the plate cylinder, making some points on the pattern disappear, and white spots will appear on the print


(1) although the electronic universal testing machine and the hydraulic universal testing machine do not have such a strong surface tension of the key, they are greatly affected by the resin and solvent used in the ink. Sometimes the viscosity of the ink is large, and it is also easy to produce gas bubbles. 2. The protection matters of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

(2) ink tank or circulating device is defective. A large number of bubbles are caused by poor ink flow in the ink tank or circulating pump. When the ink pump is used to circulate the ink, when the ink flows from the ink tank to the circulation barrel, it enhances the employees' sense of identity, belonging and happiness to the enterprise. Due to the drop and the agitation of the printing plate cylinder during high-speed operation, bubbles will be formed in the ink

(3) on the printing press that directly supplies ink, the magnetic ink stirring rod is bent and bounces in the ink tank of natvar, which has four manufacturing bases in the United States, Asia and Europe, causing bubbles


(1) maintain appropriate ink viscosity. Sometimes, after the viscosity is reduced, the bubbles can be broken by themselves

(2) improve the ink circulation device to prevent air mixing

(3) when the ink falls from the ink tank, the drop should not be too large, and the distance should be as small as possible to reduce the bubbles caused by liquid impulse stirring

(4) function as ink stirring stick or inflatable plastic film bubble tube

(5) add defoamer. Although there are special defoamers, most of them have adverse effects on the properties of the ink. Improper use will cause bubbles, so they cannot be used more

source: information on Chinese cigarette pack ink

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