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Causes and prevention of fire in steel barrel spraying production in recent years, with the increasing competition in the market, in order to compete for the market, in addition to improving the quality of the steel barrel itself, all barrel manufacturers in China have invested in the appearance coating of the steel barrel, spending a lot of money to change the appearance quality of the steel barrel. For this reason, the external surface cleaning, spraying, drying equipment and conveying production lines of steel barrels have been built in various barrel manufacturers all over the country. Due to the different economic conditions of various manufacturers, the production lines built are mixed. But the general structure principle is basically the same. Electrostatic spray painting and high-pressure airless spray painting are mostly used; The cleaning methods include immersion cleaning and spray cleaning; Drying kilns can be divided into vertical and horizontal kilns, most of which are dried by far-infrared radiation

due to the different quality of cleaning, spraying and drying production lines of various manufacturers, some are purchased in sets; Some of them are assembled by single purchase; Some are designed and made by themselves. Therefore, the production capacity of the production line is also different, and the problems in the production process are also different

II. Cause analysis of fire in steel barrel spray drying line

there are various causes of fire in steel barrel spray drying line, which can be summarized as follows:

problems left over from engineering design and construction

in the process of engineering design and construction, the biggest remaining problem is not to make building fire separation. The entire steel barrel spraying and drying room, some 1000 square meters, and some thousands of square meters of plants are not separated, so there is nothing to do in case of a major fire, resulting in serious economic losses. During the construction of some drying furnaces, the quality is poor, and the connectors of electric heating elements in the furnace are in poor contact, resulting in ignition, which is very easy to cause fire. In addition, the induced draft and gas filtration device of the drying furnace is of poor quality or unstable, which often loses its function, resulting in combustibility in the furnace. Please do not open the door of the oven. The sexual gas cannot be discharged in time, which exceeds the allowable concentration and causes explosion

problems left over from process design

during process design, many manufacturers ignored the explosion-proof requirements of electrical equipment, and placed the electrical equipment that did not meet the explosion-proof requirements between the two drying channels of the drying room without isolation. The drying room caught fire or exploded due to the open fire generated by the electrical equipment during operation. The design power of some drying furnaces is too small to reach the temperature required for drying. In order to achieve the purpose of drying, the temperature is often increased by not opening the induced air, so that the concentration of combustible gas in the furnace is too large and explosion occurs. Some drying furnaces are designed with too much power, which not only wastes energy, but also often exceeds the flash point of combustible gas in the furnace due to out of control temperature, resulting in fire

problems of spray coating and drying equipment

most of the main parts and components used by spray drying equipment to replace metal parts are electrical components, but many of the current electrical components do not meet the quality requirements, such as the thermocouple does not measure the actual temperature of the drying kiln, some quality accidents caused by insufficient silicon carbide coating on the far-infrared radiation plate and radiation tube in the drying channel, as well as high-voltage electrostatic generator The quality problems of the electrical components in the electrostatic spraying machine and the control cabinet are the direct factors that cause the fire. According to the statistics of the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security, the catastrophic fire caused by the quality problems of the electrical components accounts for 25% of the coating fire disasters in the coating fire applicable materials: plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials

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