At present, the technology of wire and cable for n

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At present, China has made progress in the technology of wires and cables for nuclear power.

China has been able to produce wires and cables for nuclear power. The production technology of products with an annual production capacity of 10million square meters has made progress driven by the vigorous market development in the past two years. In China, there are nearly ten enterprises whose products meet the application requirements, but few of them have achieved real performance. The main reason is that this market capacity is relatively small, accounting for only 1% - 2% of the total wire and cable market. Seeing the bright market prospect of wires and cables for nuclear power, many enterprises rushed forward without realizing the importance of original research and development, making the technological development of wires and cables for nuclear power like rootless duckweeds. It has functions such as overload protection

China's nuclear power wire and cable market has shown an impetuous atmosphere. At present, the domestic safety certification system is not standardized, and the state has not clearly stipulated the institutions that can carry out qualification certification. Many appraisal meetings also invite personnel from relevant departments to participate in as a private person, which is actually a private act. The lack of technical appraisal specifications also makes China's nuclear power wire and cable manufacturers pay less attention to product research and development. Coupled with the low-cost competition of informal enterprises, the psychological pricing of wires and cables is virtually reduced, which further affects the research and development of formal enterprises. The whole industry is tending to a vicious circle

nuclear power technology has been developed in China for more than ten years, but China's demand for wires and cables for nuclear power has been unclear, and the differences between wires and cables for nuclear power and other types have not been well summarized. Such vague demand makes it impossible for enterprises engaged in R & D and production of wires and cables for nuclear power to determine the future direction of R & D

in addition to the fact that the enterprises do not pay attention to the technical research and development of the round sleeve sample as the friction pair and the users' unclear demand for products, which has led to the ambiguity of the direction of the research and development of wire and cable technology for nuclear power, the domestic nuclear power design institutes should also be determined for the lack of independent technology of this kind of wire and cable. First, it is a domestic processing problem

at present, nuclear power design institutes in China are mainly divided into two groups. One school mainly focuses on its own research. Because it is my own research, I can only consider the research and development of key equipment when crossing the river by feeling the stone. It still takes time to "benefit" peripheral equipment such as wires and cables. The other faction mainly focuses on the introduction of technology, and the same problem also occurs in this faction. Because there are many things that need to be digested and absorbed, only some local modifications can be made to wires and cables, and cables in key parts are still solved by using imported products. The consequence of this is that domestic enterprises still do not know the difference between domestic R & D products and imported products and how to improve them

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