At present, there are six specific forms of e-comm

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At present, there are six specific forms of community e-commerce

1, community transactions

"you can make a fortune by posting on BBS!" Do you believe this sentence? To tell the truth, I didn't believe it before 2005

in 2004, fence opened its station in Nanjing, and some businesses completed the Enlightenment of community e-commerce in the fence forum. As a friend, I suddenly found out in 2005 that the BBS we played had commercial value?! However, due to the insufficient understanding of the mechanism and many key details of community e-commerce, Nanjing fence was imitated and surpassed by Huaqiao road teahouse with more upstream resources, and most of the early merchants encountered bottlenecks that could not be broken through, and became martyrs together with Nanjing fence

so far, the largest section on Xici hutong is the loser mM concentration camp, which is the market for online transactions through BBS, and also derived the unique online and offline interactive store mode of Xici Taotao lane

"you can make a fortune by posting on BBS!" This is the truth. All sellers want to ask others how they got the order by posting? There are only two core points: he trusts you and he likes you. Trust is possessed by all e-commerce; I like it, which is unique to community e-commerce. Web2.0 transactions -- Humanized transactions

2. Community group purchase

many people gather together to buy things from the same business, which is group purchase. Like the principle of price difference between wholesale and retail, the seller's sales and service costs can be reduced, and the price can be moderately reduced. This mode has evolved into:

· buyers call for group purchase

· the seller calls a group purchase

in addition to the ruined mM concentration camp in Xici Hutong mentioned above, several stations have sprung up in this field: 55bbs in Beijing and pride in Wuhan

3. Offline group purchase and centralized purchase

since buyers and sellers can call group purchase, can a third party do it? Thus, a business model is derived: group purchase. The main work of group buying is:

· the third party is responsible for convening group buying for the seller

· offline group purchase organized by a third party

· third party offline large-scale group purchase meetings: this method often uses the integration of traditional media and online media channels

· the third party organizes buyers to negotiate collectively with sellers in a competitive manner - centralized purchase

at present, this is the main mode of vertical channel profit of vertical stations or portal stations in home furnishing, wedding and other industries. The core of group buying is cheap, and many times, the advantage of cheap has also become a trap. Sellers and third parties (such as group buying) are also doing what should be called by buyers themselves. Therefore, this model gradually changes flavor, so that the sense of trust gradually decreases. At the same time, this mode has two hard injuries:

A. It is understood that the group purchase transaction realized through the community is difficult for the station to profit from it

b. Professional group buying stations have low channel value and are often called through traditional media channels, so profits are often occupied by traditional media

many factors lead to the small group purchase of this mode in the early stage, and group purchase has become an activity form of almost all stations

4. Group purchase (meituan mode)

meituan mode, which originated from Groupon, a US station, has been popular all over the country recently. There is no need to explain this mode too much. The essence of this model is viral marketing with extremely low prices as bait. The goal is not to sell goods but to promote brands

this requires QS logo on plastic bags. This mode has brought many popular words:

· group purchase once a day

· did you buy a group today

· unity is strength, and group purchase can be preferential

the hard injury of this model is obvious: the model is simple, too easy to copy, leading to market corruption; The industry is complex and lacks specific profit points; Poor customer interaction makes it difficult to form community cohesion. Therefore, this model will gradually become a means like the early community group buying, which also became group buying

5. Classified information

e-commerce is not necessarily a transaction. Therefore, classified information should be attributed to community-based e-commerce. Classified information can also be called classified advertising, which is actually an advertising and display platform subdivided by industry

classified information, like communities, is the source of traffic in the field of local portals. However, classified information, easy to do traffic, difficult to do revenue. The reason is that the suitable industry value is not high and the sales cost is high. Word of mouth is a lesson

the hard injury of classified information is that it is not interactive, detailed and formal. The advantage is that it reflects the freedom and life service of the regional peek in its design

classified information can never replace search engines, and search engines are also improving, and vertical and life-oriented search is gradually emerging. It can be predicted that search engines and real e-commerce platforms will phase out classified information

6. Community e-mall

everyone believes that e-mall is e-commerce, and the ultimate ideal of e-commerce must be e-mall. E-mall has the following elements: display, classification, retrieval, interaction and security. These elements constitute different levels of digital transactions

then, what are the similarities and differences between community e-mall and e-mall like Taobao

At the end of 2005, it suddenly occurred to me that a small home shopping mall similar to Taobao could be set up in the tea house on Huaqiao road. This idea was accepted a few days ago, and it took a year; It took another year for this idea to be realized. This is the household treasure system of house365

at present, such projects are not uncommon in this field: Wedding treasure and auto treasure of Hefei Forum; The wedding mall of Xiaoyu forum has been a successful case

regional communities will produce e-malls attached to regional communities. This mall has the characteristics of commodity regionalization, customization and offline settlement. The significance of this mall lies in the realization of the value of the station

the best cooperation mode between community and e-commerce should be to complete transactions in e-mall and cultivate brands in the community. The above six patterns reflect this truth: in the world of Web2.0, community and e-commerce are intertwined and difficult to be separated

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