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China Machinery Industry Association: the growth rate of the machinery industry has fallen moderately, and currently faces three major problems.

according to the China Machinery Industry Federation (hereinafter referred to as China Machinery Industry Association), in the first half of this year, the machinery industry achieved a main business income of 11.24 trillion yuan, an increase of 10 enterprise names year-on-year 41%; The total profit was 761.5 billion yuan, an increase of 6.73% year-on-year; However, compared with last year, the growth rate of main business income and total profit fell by 1.19 and 7.96 percentage points respectively

compared with the national industry, the growth rate of the main business income of the machinery industry was 0.47 percentage points higher than the national industrial average level in the same period, but the profit growth rate was 10.52 percentage points lower than the national industry in the same period

among the 120 major products monitored by the machinery industry, 76 products increased year-on-year in the first half of the year, accounting for 63%, 18 less than the previous year; The output of 44 products decreased year-on-year, accounting for 37%, an increase of 19 products over the previous year

Chen Bin, executive vice president of China Machinery Federation, said that the products with increased output mainly include five categories: first, the development of fatigue testing machines in the future is more closely related to the humanized cost market; second, products related to environmental protection and pollution control; third, products related to intelligent manufacturing industry; fourth, construction machinery products; fifth, various spare parts products serving the whole machine

it is noted that under the background of environmental protection transformation and upgrading and increased pollution control efforts, the output of water pollution prevention and control equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, noise and vibration control equipment, etc. has exceeded 20% year-on-year; Among the construction machinery products with obvious growth, the growth rate of excavators reached 60%, and the output of loaders, bulldozers, graders and truck cranes also exceeded 30%

Chen Bin pointed out that at present, the machinery industry is still facing three major problems: sluggish market demand, high cost pressure, difficult to improve efficiency, large total accounts receivable and difficult to recover

among them, traditional user industries such as electric power, metallurgy and coal are in the period of capacity adjustment. Although some renewal and transformation needs are released, compared with the capacity accumulated in the early stage of the machinery industry, the market demand is still low

in terms of cost, in the first half of the year, the main business cost of the machinery industry increased by 10.76% year-on-year, higher than the growth rate of main business income and total profit in the same period; Under the pressure of multiple costs, the total profit of the machinery industry increased at a low speed in the first half of the year, and the profit margin of main business income was only 6.77%, 0.24 percentage points lower than that of the same period last year

in this regard, the average use of electrolyte per kWh is 60.0 liters. Chen Bin explained that the cost rise first came from the rise in raw material prices since 2017, which was the primary factor in squeezing the profits of the machinery industry in the first half of this year; The second is the rise of labor costs, including the continuous growth of employee compensation and the increase of social security burden; Third, the financing cost has increased significantly since this year, and the monthly interest expense of the machinery industry has increased by 15.4% year-on-year

in addition, the large amount of accounts receivable and difficult recovery are also the most prominent problems affecting the production and operation of machinery enterprises, and are one of the important reasons for enterprises to borrow and pay huge capital use costs. "The amount of accounts receivable of many machinery enterprises is basically equal to the amount of bank loans or borrowings. In particular, the host machine manufacturing enterprises, due to the long production cycle, large amount of funds and strong personalized customization, have a particularly prominent problem of payment recovery." Chen Bin said

in view of the trend of the machinery industry in the whole year, Chen Bin predicted that as the largest sub industry of the machinery industry, the growth rate of automobile production and sales in the whole year will be basically the same as that of the previous year; Driven by strategies such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial transformation and upgrading, the instrument industry will still show a steady and rapid development trend in 2018: 70 mm and 150 mm; Driven by infrastructure construction and stock upgrading, the construction machinery industry is expected to maintain a good boom in the second half of the year, but the growth rate of production and sales may fall back at a high level

however, in the electrical and electrical industry, the situation of traditional leading products power generation equipment is not optimistic; Due to the shrinking market demand, the agricultural machinery industry continued the downward trend of the previous year in 2018 and is expected to be difficult to get out of the trough this year

"it is expected that the overall economic operation of the machinery industry in 2018 will be relatively stable, with the growth rate of industrial added value, main business income and realized profits at about 7%, and the import and export trade will grow moderately." Chen binxiang said that after years of rapid development, the scale of China's machinery industry has now reached the level of annual main business income of 24 trillion yuan. "With the continuous expansion of the base, it is normal for the growth rate to fall moderately."

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