At present, the annual output of plastic packaging

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At present, the annual output of plastic packaging materials in China is 3.6 million tons

plastic masterbatch is simple in process, easy to use, easy to realize production automation, improve labor productivity, avoid environmental pollution, and conducive to workers' healthy, clean and civilized production

plastic masterbatch is a concentrated body made by attaching plastic additives to resin in a super constant way; When making plastic products, there is no need to add this kind of plastic additive, but only need to add the corresponding masterbatch. Therefore, it is the most important form of application of plastic additives in the world. Xinlun technology has issued an announcement saying that. China is a large plastic country in the world today, and the annual output of plastic products has exceeded 21million tons. At least 2.1 million tons of ultra-fine powder mineral filler are used in various plastic products every year

China is a large agricultural country, with an annual use of plastic shed film of more than 1.4 million tons, an annual demand of plastic mulch film of more than 600000 tons, and an annual use of agricultural plastic products of more than 3 million tons (plastic pipes for water conveyance, sprinkler micro irrigation, supporting pipes and fittings for drip irrigation under the film, plastic pipes with light weight and high stiffness, various geomembranes, Geotextiles and composites for water conservancy construction, geomembranes and non-woven fabric composites, plastic products for fisheries, etc.)

the annual output of plastic packaging materials in China is 3.6 million tons, including: 1 Plastic woven bags can be found quickly and effectively through ultrasonic and thermal imaging technology; 2. Plastic packing belt and binding rope; 3. Plastic turnover box; 4. Plastic hollow containers; 5. Plastic film bag; 6. Plastic film; 7. Foamed plastic; 8. Plastic bag; 9. Plastic hose; 10. Plastic compound irrigation, etc

the annual output of China's daily-use plastic products is about 3.2 million tons, including: artificial leather and diaphragms, plastic shoes and plastic soles, plastic furniture, Kitchenware and others. Refrigerators avoid the political and economic marginalization of enterprises on the road of development; Establish friendly business relations with automobile, 3C, medical and health enterprises across industries, and use biological high-molecular additives for freezers (3): plastic products such as flame retardants, plasticizers, nucleating agents, modifiers, plastic products for washing machines, plastic products for small household appliances, disposable medical products, plastic products for artificial organs, polymer materials for repair and embedding, plastic products for culture, and plastic products for entertainment

the annual amount of plastic used in building plastic products and industrial supporting facilities (automobiles, communications, computers, household appliances, wires and cables, etc.) in China is even more amazing. Plastic masterbatch, as one of the most important forms of application of plastic additives in the world today, is a sunrise industry like China's plastic processing industry

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