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At present, the manufacturing of power transformers has entered the era of energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption have become the direction of industrial development. Transformers play a very important role in the process of power construction. Power transformer is the key electrical equipment for power transmission, and its self consumption accounts for 30% - 40% of the power loss

in order to effectively save energy for transformers, China began to implement the national mandatory standard "limited values and energy efficiency grades of Power Transformers" on July 1. Mr. zhaoyuejin, senior engineer of China Institute of standardization, said: "after the replacement of old and new transformers, the economic operation period of transformers (20 years) It is estimated that a total of 70billion kwh of electricity consumption can be saved, equivalent to 32million tons of standard coal, and carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 3 Accurate gauge measurement and recording device. Workers walk around the factory to measure 69million tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 3.9 million tons. This will improve the competitiveness of power transformers in the international market. "

for transformer manufacturers, it is the only way for product development to integrate the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into product design, raw materials and manufacturing processes to provide customers with green products

the energy conservation and environmental protection of transformers requires, on the one hand, to effectively reduce the energy consumption and noise in operation, and on the other hand, to minimize the use of raw materials such as copper, iron, oil and insulating parts, so as to avoid excessive waste of non renewable resources. Such as accurate working environment in the design process: calculate various technical parameters of the transformer at room temperature ~ 45 ℃, optimize the iron core and conductor, and determine the appropriate proportion of copper and iron, so that the conductor produces small eddy current, and the additional loss of the iron core and structural parts is controlled at a low level as far as possible. This can effectively reduce the use of copper and silicon steel sheets, while reducing load losses. Selecting imported high-quality silicon steel sheet with high magnetic conductivity and low loss to manufacture iron core can ensure that the transformer has low no-load loss and low noise performance from raw materials

in addition, advanced technology is also essential for manufacturing energy-saving and environment-friendly transformers. For example, reasonable coil design, widely using transposed wires to manufacture low-voltage and high current coils, and completely transposing ordinary wires to eliminate the air in the oil cylinder, effectively reducing the eddy current loss and circulation loss of the coil; Advanced sealing structure design, selection of high-quality sealing components, strict processing accuracy of metal parts at the sealing part, double-sided welding process for the welding surface, strict inspection process of the oil tank, and maximum control of oil leakage during the operation of the transformer

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