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Passion at the right time -- Tongli heavy industry, the former expensive production and marketing speed up again

passion at the right time -- Tongli heavy industry production and marketing speed up again

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in March, everything recovers, grass grows and Orioles fly, and is full of vitality. This is the blooming after winter, which is pregnant with the hope of growth

in such a season, Tongli heavy industry is even more prosperous. Since the 2017 Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition won more than 500 large orders in the industry, 500 and 300 large orders have fallen to Tongli. The guests from Malaysia came and the customers from Russia arrived. Dozens of Tongli off-road wide body dump trucks are constantly sent to all parts of the country every day. The production workshops are busy and orderly. Tongli heavy industry mining dump trucks shuttle and run at the customer's construction site. The scene of rolling up their sleeves and refueling is inspiring Tongli, and the charm of Tongli brand is fully displayed

God rewards diligence. Since the beginning of its establishment, Tongli heavy industry has firmly focused on the R & D and manufacturing of off-road vehicles, and is determined to create a product with good use, strong applicability, environmental protection, efficiency, safety and good revenue for customers. After more than ten years of painstaking research and accumulation, countless investigations of mine environment and construction technology, data analysis, and countless customer exchanges and visits, it has been condensed into a "simultaneous work method". Tongli heavy industry is rooted in customers and mines. With professional ability and lean manufacturing, it produces off-road short-distance bulk material transportation equipment suitable for mines, and serves customers with a negative spirit. The economic and applicable quality of Tongli products has been experienced, and Tongli's "zero distance mine service" has been highly recognized by customers! Tongli brand has continuously won the first attention of customers in the industry. Tongli tl875 products have won the industry "craftsmanship boutique", and tl855 products have won the "Gold Award for market performance" and other titles. This is the customer's evaluation, which is the market brilliance released by Tongli's "intention to create greater value for users"! Tongli has more than 20000 sets of products in the market, which is the gospel of customers and the market achievement of Tongli

in 2018, Tongli ushered in a good start of "supply exceeds demand, and production and sales are booming"

2018 is destined to be a year for Tongli to operate at a high speed, seize market opportunities, gather resources, strive to meet customer needs and improve quality in an all-round way

don't forget the original intention. In the market downturn of previous years, Tongli heavy industry was more clear about the industry law, didn't panic but calmed down, took advantage of market opportunities to consolidate the foundation, increased investment in product technology research and development, improved and improved mature products to meet the requirements of large-scale, intelligent and information technology of mines, and developed large-scale products representing the development direction of the industry. The fourth generation Tongli D series products of the industry were launched to the market, Tongli tld110b products have been verified by the market and have good performance. A number of special technologies have been born, and a number of patented technologies have been certified. Tongli's market network layout is more reasonable, the market structure is clearer, the customer structure is clearer, the service resources are more abundant, the collaboration with partners is more comprehensive, the technology is improved, and the confidence is enhanced

every effort brings every harvest. The market always pays attention to the cultivation. 2.11 experimental report: the experimental report can be programmed and printed according to the format required by users; It is with excellent product quality and the brand reputation of "zero distance service" that Tongli heavy industry reaped a full harvest at the beginning of 2018. Tongli people are gratified by the fact that the supply exceeds the demand of successive orders. The sales volume in the first two months increased by more than 100% over the same period last year. After the continuous improvement of the company's production capacity, it is still difficult to meet the vehicle collection needs of users in peak periods. At present, Tongli heavy industry has taken a series of effective measures to align the swing head with the hole slot, increase production investment, speed up the improvement of production capacity again on the premise of ensuring product quality, optimize the tempo production link, gather high-quality resources, actively work together with supporting enterprises, and fully respond to market conditions, Increase service investment and allocate sufficient strength to achieve the production and marketing goal of "fighting for 60 days and producing and selling more than 1000 sets" and meet the urgent needs of the market and customers to the greatest extent

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