A brief analysis of the four elements of aseptic p

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Brief analysis of the four elements of aseptic packaging

aseptic packaging system is mainly divided into two types of systems, open aseptic packaging system and closed aseptic packaging system. The biggest difference between them is that the closed aseptic packaging system is more aseptic than the open aseptic packaging system. It has a variety of mechanical properties laboratories for all kinds of wood-based panels and decorative wood-based panels; Packaging materials should be sterilized, shaped and filled in a sterile room. Because the sterile room has always been connected with sterile gas to maintain its positive pressure, the sterile room can effectively prevent microbial pollution, so it is widely used in production

as the sterilization of the environment, users can generally choose products that are more suitable for their own equipment, such as washing, heating, medicine and ultraviolet radiation. A good news for the devices in contact with food and the surface of the whole container is sterilization. In the space environment, medicine sterilization is mostly used. The aseptic state of the whole packaging system is maintained by entering sterile air and keeping the whole system at a certain positive pressure, In order to prevent micro in the external air from understanding 12 biological invasion through the workmanship of the appearance of the equipment. When the equipment is shut down, microorganisms will multiply, which may cause a large number of microorganisms to not be fully killed. Therefore, the equipment should be drained as much as possible after cleaning, so that there is no water or solution residue

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