At that time, Huawei cloud helped Digital Yunnan b

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At that time, Huawei cloud helped "Digital Yunnan" build a new highland of wisdom

as an ancient and modern city, Kunming has become the forefront of China's opening-up from the ancient tea horse road to today's radiation center in South and Southeast Asia. On October 23, Kunming chose extraordinary Huawei Cloud City Summit 2019 was successfully held in Kunming. Leaders of Yunnan provincial governments at all levels, enterprise representatives and technical experts in various fields attended the summit, deeply discussed the new challenges of intelligent upgrading faced by Kunming and even Yunnan at present, and focused on the future, promoted Yunnan to enter a new stage of development with the integration of 5g+ cloud +ai and other innovative technologies, and measured parameters of test performance of automotive brake linings. Hongfangming, President of Huawei cloud China, said: in the future, Huawei will continue to actively deploy new industries in Yunnan and comprehensively and deeply participate in the construction of Digital Yunnan

hongfangming, President of Huawei cloud China

as an important contributor to the construction of Digital Yunnan, Huawei has carried out all-round cooperation with Yunnan Province, prefectures and cities. At the summit, Huawei signed a comprehensive deepening strategic cooperation agreement with Yuxi Municipal People's government, Fudian bank and other Yunnan government and enterprise units. In the future, it will actively layout new industries and jointly build an industrial ecosystem with the help of 5g, cloud AI and other new technologies jointly promote local digital transformation. The booster for smart upgrading of government and enterprises released by Hua Weiyun recently also officially landed in Yunnan through this summit, which will also provide a strong driving force for smart upgrading of government and enterprises in Yunnan in the future. In addition, the Yunnan intelligent transportation innovation laboratory was officially released, and Huawei also jointly released the cloud for good Yunnan Science and technology talent training plan and Kunpeng talent training plan with local universities in Yunnan to promote the talent training of the computing industry in Yunnan

Huawei signed an agreement on comprehensively deepening strategic cooperation with Yuxi Municipal People's Government

Huawei signed an agreement on comprehensively deepening strategic cooperation with Fudian bank

Yunnan intelligent transportation innovation laboratory officially released

to accelerate the release of new vitality of the industry, and Digital Yunnan has reached a new level

at present, the digital economy led by 5g and other innovative technologies has become the focus of the industry. Some analysts predict that in the next few years, The global digital economy will maintain high-speed growth, which is more than twice the GDP, and become a new driving force for global economic growth. The explosive period of digital transformation is coming, which will drive the improvement of the entire digital economy. For enterprises, an important measure of digitalization is cloud and intelligence

hongfangming, President of Huawei cloud China, pointed out in his keynote speech on smart upgrading and co Building Extraordinary Yunnan that among the technologies that change the industry, the spillover effect of the integration of 5g, cloud computing and AI will bring huge incremental value to qianhang and Baiye, and become the three elements to promote the smart upgrading of government and enterprises

Hong Fangming further stressed that with the advent of cloud 2.0 era, large government and enterprises will become the main force of digital economic growth, and will gradually become the main body of cloud. The demand for cloud has also shifted from supporting system to core business. This change puts forward higher requirements for the AI capability, industry accumulation and security reliability of cloud service providers. Based on the full stack hybrid cloud capability, Huawei cloud has provided digital transformation services for 350+ government and 200+ financial customers. In the first half of 2019, customers increased 33 times year-on-year, and revenue increased 5.5 times, becoming the fastest growing cloud in China's cloud market

as an enabler of the intelligent era, Huawei cloud has actively participated in the transformation of Yunnan's industry after foreign purification and processing, and then imported into China, as well as the construction of smart cities, helping the construction of Digital Yunnan in an all-round way. Facing the future, Huawei cloud will carry greater pursuit and mission, and work with more partners to jointly create the black land of the intelligent world. At the same time, Huawei cloud adheres to the platform + ecological strategy, continues to improve the fertility of the black land, enables all walks of life, and jointly promotes the intelligent upgrading of government and enterprises

enable all walks of life, Huawei cloud adds intelligent wings to Yunnan's government and enterprises.

as the fulcrum of the the Belt and Road strategic construction and the radiation center for South and Southeast Asia, Yunnan has a clear strategy for the development of digital economy. At present, Yunnan Province has set up a leading group for the construction of Digital Yunnan, issued a three-year action plan for Digital Yunnan, and launched a cloud platform for 10000 enterprises, providing policy support for the leapfrog development of the digital economy

comprehensively contribute to the construction of Digital Yunnan, and Huawei cloud government enterprise intelligent upgrade booster has also officially landed in Yunnan. Based on a Huawei cloud, relying on the two innovation engines of Kunpeng + shengteng, and using the three core technologies of 5g + cloud + AI, Huawei cloud provides a series of services for the government enterprise market, including four cloud relocation services, five cloud support services, six flag ship cloud services, and seven industry enabling platforms, Provide continuous energy for urban intelligent upgrading and enterprise intelligent transformation

Huawei cloud has always been an important participant in the construction of Digital Yunnan. As early as 2014, Huawei cloud signed the cooperation agreement on the construction of cloud computing data center with Yuxi Municipal government, injecting new momentum into the intelligent upgrading of the government. In 2016, Huawei Yuxi Cloud Computing Center's government affairs cloud platform, which officially adopted large-size aluminum alloy material CNC milling to produce an integrated aluminum alloy structural part line, also carries 112 business systems from 40 units, including education cloud, medical cloud, judicial cloud, and land exclusive cloud, which greatly accelerated the construction process of Yuxi City's informatization to strengthen government and benefit the people. In 2019, Huawei Kunming software development cloud innovation center supported 117 software development cloud enterprises, which greatly enriched the local industrial ecosystem and contributed to the cultivation and output of high-quality software talents

in the field of education, Huawei cloud and Yunnan Hanwen education group reached a strategic cooperation in March 2019. The two sides work together to promote the construction of smart campus, promote its informatization reform, and deeply integrate informatization with education and teaching. In August of the same year, Huawei cloud and Yunnan Hanwen Education Group jointly built ICT college to build an innovative and entrepreneurial talent training system for new technology fields such as cloud computing, IOT, artificial intelligence, etc

facing the field of industrial interconnection, Huawei cloud and Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. jointly built an intensive, efficient, shared, open, safe and reliable industrial interconnection platform with on-demand services, a unified business platform and big data analysis based on Kunpeng chip, which realized the rapid launch of business applications and laid a solid foundation for the cloud transformation of Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

in terms of helping digital transportation, Huawei urban rail cloud's overall solution helps Kunming Metro Line 4 build smart city rail. With the help of Huawei elte's vehicle ground integrated communication system (lte-m), it provides reliable vehicle ground information communication means, ensures vehicle operation safety, and greatly improves line operation efficiency and management level. In addition, Huawei network also escorted the first high-speed passenger dedicated line in Yunnan Province of Kunming Railway Bureau, and Huawei full flash memory helped build a zero wait ambiguity path recognition system for highways in Yunnan Province

nowadays, Huawei cloud is combining the overflow effect advantages brought by 5g, cloud and AI, adapting to the industrial development path of Yunnan, creating Yunnan strength together, and actively participating in the intelligent upgrading of Yunnan's government and enterprises

during the summit, Huawei signed cooperation agreements with Yuxi Municipal People's government, Fudian bank, Yunnan highway union Toll Management Co., Ltd. to cooperate with relevant governments and enterprises in the fields of digital economy development and construction, 5g, industrial interconnection and other industrial development, financial technology, security and controllability, carry out technology applications, and explore emerging fields including blockchain with relevant institutions

in addition, Huawei and local universities in Yunnan jointly released the cloud for good Yunnan Science and technology talent training plan and Kunpeng talent training plan. Zhang Yi, head of the education business department of Huawei's enterprise business in China, said that Huawei hopes to further deepen the exchanges and cooperation between universities and educational organizations through the Yunnan Kunpeng university talent plan, and promote the educational model of people flow training, which will not only promote the ecological prosperity of Kunpeng, but also provide our strength for the prosperity of the motherland

with the combination of the government enterprise intelligent upgrade booster brought by Huawei cloud and the Digital Yunnan strategy, it will further add intelligent wings to large government enterprises in Yunnan and usher in the take-off moment

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