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At present, the newspaper printing market highlights the uneven situation of hot and cold

print media, especially newspaper competitors, have never stopped. After the emergence of radio, some people questioned: who will read newspapers when there is radio? Later, from radio to television, newspapers still exist, which once formed the peak of newspaper development. In recent years, from television to Internet and electronic multimedia, their impact on the newspaper industry can not be underestimated. Both the circulation and advertising volume of newspapers have shown a downward trend, but in spite of this, newspapers still exist

as far as I know, there are still many orders for European newspaper printing enterprises. Although some well-known newspapers in some European and American countries have stopped printing, there are still newspaper groups that buy printing equipment and have recently signed large orders. Wu Xinxin, deputy general manager of the rotation Department of Roland Greater China, said in an interview with China publishing news recently that the future development of the newspaper industry is not so pessimistic, especially in the Chinese market. From the perspective of orders, China's newspaper industry will have a relatively stable development, and large newspaper groups will certainly introduce the most advanced printing equipment from abroad

everyone says that newspapers are no longer working, but everyone is buying equipment

the construction of the second phase of the key cultural industry construction project in Guizhou Province and the printing media research and development base of Guizhou newspaper group started in July last year. According to the construction plan, with the completion and operation of the second phase of the project, a digital double-sided color newspaper printing production line with a scale of 792000 pairs per hour and a business printing production line with a scale of 36000 pairs per hour will be formed

at the end of last year, Guizhou Newspaper Group signed a large order with MAN Roland. Wu Xinxin revealed to

globegroup 75, purchased by Chongqing business daily at a cost of 25million yuan, was put into operation last September. The equipment Printed 75000 newspapers per hour. The new equipment greatly improved the printing capacity of Chongqing Business Daily printing company, and also added strong hardware support for the transformation and acceleration of Chongqing business daily

according to the introduction, in terms of domestic import of ship reporting equipment in 2012, Manroland equipment accounted for 50% - 60%. In terms of the sales of newspaper printing equipment, the sales volume of Roland Greater China in 2012 reached 18.5 million euros. This figure is higher than that in 2011

everyone said that the newspaper was dead and it was going to be the end, but everyone was buying equipment, whether it was domestic equipment or imported equipment. Every year, there were dozens of policy objectives to resolve excess capacity in large and small projects this round. Wu Xinxin said that a good newspaper group will definitely introduce the most advanced foreign printing equipment because it wants to improve its market competitiveness in terms of timeliness, speed and quality

Wu Xinxin is optimistic about China's newspaper printing market. According to the data obtained by the company, China's newspaper industry will maintain a relatively stable development period in the future, and will not experience a sharp decline in newspaper sales in some places, as in Europe and the United States

I also heard that the circulation of some domestic urban newspapers has decreased by 20% and the advertising volume has decreased by 15%, but the color layout has increased, and the color printing volume has not come down. Judging from the amount of newspaper paper we know, the same is true

our commercial printing will increase by at least 10% every year.

commercial printing and economic trends are converging. A few years ago, with the great development of the economy, commercial printing has formed a high peak. Many newspaper printing enterprises have increased their investment in commercial printing equipment. The subsequent international financial crisis once depressed commercial printing, reduced business volume, and some newspaper printing enterprises' commercial printing equipment was idle. But it was different in 2012. The business of commercial printing continued to increase, and insiders felt that the economy was getting better

one of our businesses is commercial printing, which grows by at least 10% every year. Zhang Shaoheng, general manager of Hangzhou newspaper group Shengyuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd., whose mold manufacturing tolerance is No. 4, did not feel the downturn in the commercial printing market in 2012

as for his business winning ways, he said: each has its own channels, and we mainly rely on quality to win

the packaging market is not as good as expected

as a newspaper printing enterprise, Shengyuan printing does not only digital printing, commercial printing, but also packaging printing. Zhangshaoheng told: we started to do packaging in 2012. In the first year, we achieved about 30million yuan. In 2013, our packaging and printing may have a large increase and may double, because we have just entered the following to introduce in detail the operating procedures and functional characteristics of a simple beam impact tester. The base number is relatively low

there are also newspaper printing enterprises that are confused about packaging. Chen Wei, general manager of the printing center of Heilongjiang newspaper group, said that the packaging market is not as easy as people say. This market has a low threshold, a mixture of good and evil people, fierce competition, and packaging and printing equipment are completely different from book printing equipment. Compared with the very familiar book printing market, the disadvantage is that it is quite tragic to fall to the ground. This market is a bit deceptive

it is reported that the center has made small-scale exploration in packaging and printing, and the output in 2012 is disproportionate to the input. If the enterprise hasn't improved in this field this year, if we can't get the first-hand order, we won't continue to do it. We must do the first-hand work. Chen Wei said that he would use his own advantages to develop packaging and printing business suitable for enterprise development

at present, it is a common phenomenon for newspaper printing enterprises to do packaging, which can be seen from the equipment ordering of MAN Roland

Roland sells well not only newspaper equipment, but also packaging equipment. Wu Xinxin said that many newspaper manufacturers are now buying Manroland's sheet fed equipment, including the people's liberation army newspaper office, Hangzhou newspaper group, Sichuan newspaper group, Jiangxi newspaper group, etc. these groups are developing in multiple ways

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