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At present, China's plastic molding is still in the initial stage of development. Irina bender, director of skz German plastic center, pointed out that China's plastic market is huge, but China's current plastic molding is still in the initial stage of development. In order to truly realize low energy consumption and green manufacturing, we must take two big steps:

first, we need to increase investment in equipment research and development

second, processing and manufacturing enterprises need professional knowledge

it is precisely because China has such a large market that skz recently set up a training institution in Kunshan, China

Skz is an authoritative organization that serves the world and provides professional training for the plastic industry. This organization has always provided professional skill training and enterprise management training for plastic equipment enterprises and plastic product manufacturers who need constant speed balls

The service products provided and carried out by skz include theoretical knowledge training and practical training, mainly involving injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, Blister molding and other related technologies

the theoretical training mainly includes the knowledge of plastic molding raw materials and the principle of molding technology, such as how to prepare and dry, train customers with professional knowledge of common materials and mixture processing, the influence of molding equipment, mold structure and process parameters on product quality, etc. mineral products are transported to the country's first potential customers have received the test samples, and the market will be affected by many factors, including shrinkage The influence of cavity pressure on products, the influence of mold gate structure, positioning and mold type on molded products, as well as the theoretical knowledge of the maintenance and repair of the mold by Yu Wei, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology

the practical training mainly includes how to prepare for mold erection and mold change, how to stop the equipment, how to set the machine parameters, and how to measure the pressure in the mold cavity

after short-term training, the trainers can obtain the professional qualification certificate issued by skz through examination. Irinabender pointed out that skz's training experts are foreign experts in the field of plastic industry and engineers with many years of work experience

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