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Ministry of industry and information technology: at present, China's industrial economic operation faces five major problems

Xin Guobin, director of the operation monitoring and Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the press conference of the 2010 Summer report on industrial economic operation that China's industrial economic operation is currently facing five major problems

first, the foundation of global economic recovery is still fragile, and export pressure is increasing. At present, the unemployment rate in Europe and the United States is still in the high range of 9% to 10%. The high deficit level of major countries has led governments to tighten fiscal expenditure and compress total social demand. The European sovereign debt crisis has increased the uncertainty of the world economic recovery. At the same time, the trend of international trade protectionism has strengthened. In the first half of the year, there were 38 international trade relief measures against China, including 7 cases in the European Union, involving a total amount of 4.6 billion US dollars

second, the growth rate of investment has slowed down, and a long-term mechanism for enterprise technological transformation investment needs to be established urgently. At present, the technological transformation work pattern that the central government attaches importance to, local support, enterprises welcome, and social concern has initially taken shape, but the establishment of a long-term mechanism needs to be accelerated

third, the task of eliminating backward production capacity and restraining redundant construction is arduous, and structural adjustment faces great difficulties. Under the new normal, the Ministry of steel, cement, coal chemical industry, flat glass and other traditional industries suffer from repeated construction and serious vicious competition. The problem of overcapacity is prominent, and backward production capacity still accounts for a considerable proportion. There are also signs of blind construction in emerging industries such as wind power equipment and polysilicon

fourth, the task of energy conservation and consumption reduction is heavy, the time is tight, and the pressure to complete the target increases. Since the third quarter of 2009, with the gradual recovery of China's economy, high energy consumption and high emission industries have grown rapidly, making the energy consumption per unit of added value rise instead of fall

fifth, the external environment facing the development of enterprises is complex and changeable, which increases the difficulty of enterprise production and operation. According to the global tool body of energy, the demand for Cheng plastics increased by another 50% over 2015. The prices of raw materials rose rapidly, with high fluctuations. The pressure of rapid increase in labor costs increased. The voices of small and medium-sized enterprises reflecting financing difficulties increased, and the export environment was unstable. 3. Floor spring testing machines and door spring testing machines were almost worried about material testing. In addition, this spring, the southern provinces experienced a severe drought, and in summer, floods and mudslides occurred, which affected the normal production and operation of enterprises

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