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Europe is considering amending the reach chemicals regulation

janezpotonik, EU environment commissioner, said on March 22, 2010 that some parts of the 1000 page reach chemicals regulation are not clear and need to be revised to speed up the process of using safe substances to replace hazardous chemicals.

at present, there are only 30 substances in the list of substances of high concern (SVHC) (in addition to the above-mentioned new acrylamide, other 29 substances are waiting to be replaced; at the same time, there are another 7 substances on the list of priority substances. However, there is no substance on the list of alternative substances at present. Potonik suggests that the substances on these lists should be increased.

highly concerned about substances picture source: the quantity of existing substances in the MIT quality list is far less than that of re jointly drafted by public welfare organizations and non-governmental organizations The more than 350 substances listed in the achsinlist also do not cover more than 400 substances determined by some EU member states according to the reach standard

"social and economic benefit guidelines" need to be further clarified. Potonik said that the expression of REACH regulations is not clear enough, "if necessary, we will modify the content printer to directly print the required experimental reports to promote implementation." He believes that "the criterion of social and economic benefits is a vague concept," and EU regulations need to make a clear statement on this point

according to reach regulations, even if a substance is harmful to human health or the environment, as long as it can be proved that the social and economic benefits of using it are greater than the harm caused, and there is no suitable substitute, it can still be authorized

the registration period will not be extended.

the reach registration period for chemicals with the greatest harm or high production is November 30, 2010. In this regard, the environmental Commissioner reiterated his opposition to the extension of this period. The EU industry is worried about whether this deadline can be reached. Manufacturers and importers must detail the management of chemical risks in the registration documents in order to continue production and sales. It is estimated that 9000 substances are involved in this requirement

according to reach regulations, substances that have not been registered before the above-mentioned period cannot be used or sold on the market

after discussion with ECHA, the European Commission plans to add 106 more SVHC substances by 2012, and calls on EU Member States to provide advice and assistance

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