Ethylene prices soar in Asia

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Ethylene prices soared in Asia

affected by the tight demand for raw materials from Japanese manufacturers, I believe that according to the current development of China, the spot market of ethylene in Asia has continued to soar, and the latest transaction price has been raised to the level of US dollars/ton; However, China, including Formosa Plastics and Taiju group, are unwilling to enter the market and place orders, and are in a stalemate with suppliers

the effect of Japanese officials' suspension of refineries such as Nippon Oil and its petrochemical plants due to forged parking records continues to develop, ushering in a warming day. In order to maintain the normal operation of ethylene downstream product production lines, local operators have stepped up the replenishment of ethylene spot in the market, and the latest spot transaction price has doubled to US dollars/ton

Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. pointed out that the market began to jump from the price of US dollars/ton, and has increased by more than US $100/ton so far. At present, domestic enterprises are unwilling to buy; In fact, the value of the digital display table will be cleared. Last week, except for one operator who bought a batch of ethylene spot at the price of 470 US dollars/ton, so far, everyone has stopped entering the market and placed orders, presenting a price tug of war with international suppliers, which is in a stalemate

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