A brief analysis of the current development of har

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A brief analysis of the current development of the hardware industry

the hardware industry is developing very fast. The domestic concentrated markets of the traditional hardware industry are mainly concentrated in mechanical hardware, construction hardware, decorative hardware and daily hardware. The trend of industrial concentration in the hardware industry is also obvious. The domestic hardware industry is mainly concentrated in Guangdong and Zhejiang. It is a kind of screen display that can be used on flexible displays and wearable equipment, and well-known raw material suppliers will share the latest development of innovative medical high-tech and its utilization technology in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong and other economically developed provinces and regions. The products of traditional hardware enterprises are relatively simple, and many enterprises only provide supporting facilities and accessories for other manufacturing enterprises, which are highly dependent on manufacturing enterprises and slow to respond to market demand. Traditional hardware enterprises do not pay attention to the research and development of new products and the extension of the market, resulting in the lack of sustainable competitiveness of enterprises. In the face of increasingly specialized market demand and increasingly fierce competition, many hardware enterprises with rapid development in the initial stage feel weak in the follow-up

how to make enterprises have sustainable competitiveness is a topic that many hardware enterprises are thinking about. Therefore, the concept of "big hardware manufacturing" is gradually mentioned by business people and experts in the hardware industry on various occasions, and the voice of integrating the hardware manufacturing industry is also growing. The hardware industry mainly becomes products through the change of physical shape of metal raw materials, processing and assembly. As long as the industrial field takes the assembly of metal parts as the main process, it belongs to the category of hardware industry. If we expand the concept of hardware manufacturing to the whole manufacturing field and think about the development of the hardware industry from the height of manufacturing industry, the concept of "big hardware manufacturing" arises from this: from the mining and refining of metal materials to the manufacturing of primary metal products to the manufacturing of general production equipment, and then to the manufacturing of special equipment in various industries of the national economy, which is a production activity in the whole industrial chain, Can be called "big hardware manufacturing"

in areas where the hardware industry is concentrated, such as Yongkang in Zhejiang, Foshan in Guangdong, Zhongshan and other places, traditional hardware production enterprises gradually realize forward and backward integration. Manufacturers that originally only produce hardware spare parts are also involved in the manufacture of large-scale mechanical equipment. Usually, enterprises in a region also realize the strategic integration between enterprises from raw material processing to spare parts supply to finished product manufacturing. Hardware manufacturing enterprises also pay more attention to product research and development and scientific and technological innovation, which also promotes the industrial upgrading of hardware enterprises. "Big hardware manufacturing" has become a common practice in areas where the industry is concentrated and the universal tensile testing machine usually tests the mechanical properties of materials on specimens with different stiffness

in fact, the transformation from small hardware to large hardware is the process from traditional hardware to modern hardware, and the only choice is to rely on the current total output of about 10000 tons/year. Relying on scientific and technological progress, we should take the road of rejuvenating parks and industries through science and technology. How to integrate all resources in the hardware industry to make the hardware manufacturing industry more adapt to the development trend of economic globalization? The information integration function of the Internet makes it possible for industry alliances: the emergence of industry e-commerce platforms provides many enterprises with a trading platform that can span space, and the use of networks to sell their own products has become a trend. Among the commercial stations with commercial value in China in 2004, the B2B industry accounted for more than half of the country, and the hardware industry stations ranked first

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