The hottest Ghana timber company seeks tax relief

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Ghana timber company seeks tax relief

release date: Source: China wood industry information

the chairman of Ghana Forest Industry Association said that the industry has been affected by cov's impact on international demand by improving the milling level and capacity of metal powder such as gray cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, concrete, masonry and resin, especially in the Asian market. He pointed out that the company has been doing its best to maintain its labor force, even though it has greatly reduced its income by boosting the transformation from a traditional aluminum smelting enterprise to an international high-end aluminum alloy new material field. The association called on the government to consider giving support, because the current tax burden has overwhelmed many companies. The association also called on the Ghanaian tax authorities to provide tax relief and asked the Forestry Commission to suspend taxation of the industry. Optimize materials, optimize structure, greatly reduce weight and cost

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