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Juge electronic released the thermal imaging camera

infrared thermal imaging technology images by sensing the temperature of objects, and displays the temperature of each point in real time through intuitive images. It is a frequent guest of science fiction movies and science and technology exploration programs, and has a wide range of applications in the field of industrial temperature measurement. Since thermal imaging does not rely on any light, it is also commonly used in night vision fields such as military and security monitoring, but the price of thermal imaging devices at tens of thousands of yuan has deterred ordinary consumers. In recent years, due to the cost reduction brought by technological progress, thermal imagers have sprung up in the commercial field. Recently, juge electronics released policies and standards such as thermal imaging camera C1, implementation plan of producer extension system, specifications for recycling and dismantling of vehicle power batteries, product specifications and dimensions of power batteries for electric vehicles, coding rules for vehicle power batteries, and residual energy detection for recycling of vehicle power batteries, which were successively introduced, and directly inserted into Android through USB interface, At a subversive price of less than 2000 yuan, you have strong infrared thermal sensing ability

juge electronics launched a 160 120 pixel infrared detector array with innovative technology, using high-resolution germanium lens and high image frame rate, making the imaging clearer and smoother. The product adopts an all metal shell, which is small and exquisite, and weighs only 26 grams. While creating a night vision experience in seaweed that is not making ooho, it brings a non-contact temperature measurement function. Whether you are an outdoor player, a food expert, a otaku, or a technology expert, you will get an unprecedented new experience. Let's witness the magical function of C1 thermal imaging camera

scientific research assistance:

the thermal imaging camera uses different colors to represent the temperature, displays the temperature value in real time, automatically tracks the highest temperature point, and can detect the heating of circuit boards and components, improve the design, or detect poor contact, corrosion or aging of electrical equipment, so as to find abnormal hot spots in time to avoid equipment failure and electrical fire

daily home:

the thermal imaging camera can observe the temperature distribution of floor heating, air heaters, air conditioners and so on, and compare the heat insulation of double-layer glass and ordinary glass

this will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry. Breast cancer is a major killer of women. The thermal imaging camera can recognize the temperature changes caused by the canceration or inflammation of human superficial tissues, send out health alarms immediately, and can also be used for the temperature detection of children and pets

cooking temperature and eating temperature are the key factors that determine the nutritional value and taste. How can you make do with the delicious taste on the tip of the tongue? In the figure below, can you know which cup is hot water and which cup is cold water

outdoor night vision/night safety:

in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and animal search, the night vision function of C1 allows every explorer to fully explore the world under the night curtain. Not only that, C1 is the intimate partner of night running enthusiasts. It can observe the surrounding dark environment in real time and provide personal safety protection

accelerate the transformation and development, and many wonderful applications are waiting for you to find. Share infrared heat maps and videos to make your circle of friends instantly different

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