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Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co. of Japan plans to carry out more business with Chinese local automobile manufacturers and foreign automobile manufacturers, and increase its sales in China by three times to 30 billion yen (about 358.8 million US dollars) by fiscal year 2015

at present, ghost Nu Chuan has established a partnership with Nissan's joint venture in China, and ghost Nu Chuan plans to establish a broader partnership with Ford and Volkswagen's joint ventures in China and Chinese automakers

ghost Nu Chuan plans to further expand its product lineup (including chassis system seals and vibration damping products), and will supply parts to China Chery automobile from May this year. In addition, it has won the chassis system seal supply contract from BYD automobile company

in order to promote the growth of sales, ghost Nu Chuan will expand its five existing factories in China in order to make the team full of confidence in this new process. In addition, it will spend 1billion yen (US $11.99 million) to build the sixth factory in China's Henan Province in phenol oil processing, washing oil processing and high-end utilization of coal tar pitch

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