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GGII predicts that China's machine vision market will reach 15.56 billion yuan by 2023. According to GGII data, China's machine vision market will reach 6.55 billion yuan in 2019 (the data does not include the computer vision market), an increase of 21.77% year-on-year. The compound annual growth rate was 28.36%. GGII predicts that China's machine vision market will reach 15.56 billion yuan by 2023

in 2014, Hikvision set up a machine vision business department and entered the track. Later, Hikvision robot was established on this basis, focusing on the underlying algorithm software and hardware technology, making continuous breakthroughs in the technical fields of image processing, AI algorithm, 3D and transmission interface protocol. At the same time, relying on the mature R & D management system and supply chain system of Hikvision, the parent company, Hikvision completed the preliminary layout of the product line related to the information of the general public

at present, Haikang robot has formed a standard product line with industrial camera as the core, an intelligent product line with VM software platform as the core, and an ID product line with code reader as the core. It has provided professional visual products and services for thousands of enterprises at home and abroad

g20 intelligent manufacturing summit member enterprise Haikang robot machine vision online new product launch, with the theme of vision, seeing infinite possibilities, launched CS series standard industrial cameras, new MP high-resolution cameras, 4K industrial linear array cameras, vc3000 visual controllers ID50's composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC), located in Washington, D.C., has received $10000 in seed funds from city parks and related departments, and id3000pro smart code readers and other heavy new products

heavy release: standard industrial cameras, intelligent products, intelligent code readers

cs series second-generation industrial cameras are newly upgraded, and the embedded architecture, power efficiency, four side installation and other aspects of the structure are optimized. Under the same function conditions, the overall power consumption is about 20% lower than that of similar products; The camera introduces lossless compression, 2D noise reduction, lens shadow correction and other algorithms, which can make more efficient use of bandwidth, filter noise to a greater extent, and ensure the uniformity of the image in the full field of view to a greater extent

the newly released 101mp camera has the same pixel size as 151mp, with a slightly smaller format and higher frame rate; Support 16bit output for better detail sampling and presentation; Using Cameralink interface as the transmission interface, it can be effectively matched with current mainstream industry applications during the conference, and is perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized screen detection applications, including pad screen detection

65mp high-resolution camera uses coaxpress interface, and the acquisition speed can reach 31fps. In electronic semiconductor applications, such as semiconductor chip, PCB detection, high-speed global 65mp camera can be perfectly matched

compared with the 151mp black-and-white camera released last year, Haikang robot has completed the color model this year, supporting 16bit color data output, which can better present color changes. In addition, the 101mp and 151mp cameras with ultra-high resolution support pixel by pixel correction, and mainly produce polyurethane polyether, which greatly ensures the consistency of the full format. It is a high-precision detection Excellent choice for large format defect detection or identification in PCB industry

4k industrial linear array camera adopts a new generation of 4K linear array chip, with a pixel size of 7um and a doubled photosensitive area, which can see more details; Support binning and ROI; The lossless compression function introduced can increase the upper limit of line frequency of GigE interface camera by up to 2 times; The long and short exposure function can realize dual channel output, and support HDR fusion to output high dynamic range images; It is an excellent partner for printing, lithium battery and film detection applications

vc3000 is a visual controller with performance known as small steel cannon, which was carefully built by Haikang robot for one year. Equipped with eight generations of I3 and i5, the vc3000 has the same processing capacity as the previous generations of i5 and i7; The performance is continuously enhanced, but the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 60W. Combined with the ingenious heat dissipation design, it can still ensure good temperature control for long-time operation; The compact vc3000 adopts the structure of main module + expansion module, which can be flexibly selected to meet different application needs. It is the best choice for mainstream visual applications such as multi camera positioning, detection and recognition

id5000 series intelligent code reader adopts the scheme of multi-core deep learning platform chip parallel processing, which has higher code reading efficiency; It adopts standard M12 lens interface and adapts to a variety of lenses, which can easily deal with all kinds of complex industrial code reading scenes. It is suitable for dynamic and static code reading, various material labels, DPM format code reading, fixed focus large depth of view or mechanical focusing code reading, etc. The first 12MP global shutter in the series adapts to the C interface, providing a good selection for high-speed, high-precision and large field of view scenes

id3000pro intelligent code reader has upgraded the deep learning chip, the overall computing power has increased by 70% from 1t to 1.7t, and the performance has been greatly improved; At the same time, more code system algorithms are integrated, which are widely applicable to various applications in 3C electronics, automobile and parts, PCB electronic semiconductors, new energy lithium batteries, food and drug, and FMCG industries

in recent years, new products of Haikang robot have emerged, and the product line of machine vision has been constantly enriched, opening the evolution road of high resolution, high frame rate, high intelligence and high quality. Machine vision system can help mechanical equipment observe, recognize and judge the external environment, which will bring infinite possibilities to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and intelligent reform

at present, Hikvision robot has established four marketing regions in Chinese Mainland, with more than 10 offices under its jurisdiction. At the same time, it has successively deployed marketing and technical services in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries/regions to quickly respond to customer needs and provide customized products

zhangwencong, vice president of Haikang robot, believes that open integration is a new type of business in the era of intelligence, and it is indispensable to work together to build an industrial ecosystem. He said: the global machine vision hardware products and algorithm platform provider is the consistent industry positioning of Haikang robot. Therefore, working with professional upstream and downstream partners to establish a healthy industrial ecosystem will be one of the directions of future efforts

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