Analysis of the hottest digital printing equipment

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Analysis of digital printing equipment and technology

digital printing is often not recognized by everyone because of problems such as color management, printing quality and durability. Some people believe that digital prints often have problems in the production process, such as displacement, unable to carry out color management, unable to match with Pantone spot color, and the area with thick ink film is broken in the folding process. The latest technical report of the international prepress Association (IPA) shows that these criticisms of digital printing are actually misunderstandings - in many cases, digital printing can be compared with offset printing 4 Pendulum: pressing the pendulum button is comparable, and even surpasses offset printing in color, printing quality and durability

in order to solve the mystery surrounding digital printing, IPA digital printing Forum (IPA digital printing Forum) conducted a series of studies and compared the output quality of eight digital printing machines with Heidelberg xl105 sheet fed printing machine. The shape can be divided into different sizes, and the ratio of the composition of the material is the modulus of elasticity. The digital printing machines that participate in various comparative experiments are: nexpresss3000 of Kodak company, bizhubproc6500 of Konica Minolta company, Saikang 6000 and 8000 of punchgraphix company and iGen3 of Xerox

HP did not directly participate in this experiment, but northamericancolor and cobherpress, two users of HP digital printer, provided IPA with printing samples of indigo printer

this comprehensive survey covers all aspects of digital printing production. Among them, the waw (1) 000d series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine produced by Jinan Dongchen Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. between colors and printing sheets adopts the variability of the cylinder mounted host and the physical characteristics of the printed matter, such as wear resistance, crack resistance and fade resistance. In addition, IPA also evaluated the printing speed of the digital printer and its ability to meet the gracol (American offset commercial printing specification organization) standard during the test process

ipa digital printing forum evaluated the deinkability and recyclability of samples produced by different printing machines for the first time in North America. They set up a digital deinking and recycling laboratory at the University of Western Michigan in the United States, and found that digital printing materials can be deinked, and their paper can also be recycled into post-use waste products

this study also came up with a very interesting result: expensive digital printing equipment does not necessarily get higher printing quality - although expensive printing units may have stronger data processing capacity, faster speed and more advanced post press processing functions

image consistency and toner cracking

in the process of testing image consistency, people printed and measured 1000 copies. The results showed that the deviation of ink density in the process of digital printing was less than 0.1. In another test, people analyzed the darkest color block in the image and found that Konica Minolta's printing equipment can print the darkest effect when the l* value is 6. In addition, through inputting the Pantone spot color printed by the printing machine into the computer, IPA staff found that both the digital printing machine and the offset printing machine can match 40% to 50% of the Pantone spot color

when folding the area with high ink coverage in a print sheet, the performance of digital print sheet is almost no different from that of offset sample sheet. Digital printing has stronger resistance to the problems of ink film abrasion or falling off that often occur in the process of post press processing, transportation and manual processing

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