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Analysis of digital printing business opportunities in Hong Kong

----- Professor Yang Weimin/Changjiang Scholar, School of electrical engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology digital printing is no longer a new topic for the printing industry, and I believe no one has never been in touch with it, but have you ever thought of using digital printing to develop new business opportunities and bring more opportunities? Or do you still stay at the stage of rejecting digital printing and worrying that digital printing will replace traditional printing, and refuse to face up to the problem? However, the facts have told us that the application of clean and dust-free brush on the surface of digital printing 2 experimental device has become a trend of the era. There are also many successful examples at present. Its emergence is not to replace traditional printing, but to combine it with it to provide more diversified services

the situation faced by the printing industry

in recent years, the printing industry in Hong Kong has been in a shrinking state. As of this year, there are only more than 3000 printing plants left in Hong Kong, either because the business is difficult to do, or because the factory moved northward and moved out of Hong Kong. Is the printing industry in Hong Kong really so short of room for development? Is there really nothing for the printing industry in Hong Kong

in fact, at present, the printing industry in Hong Kong is facing several different impacts. First, many printing companies are constantly away from Hong Kong. Most of them are located in the mainland because their buyers are located in the mainland. It is really beneficial for these printing companies to move northward. We can't deny that the rent and labor in the mainland are relatively cheap, and Hong Kong's competitiveness in terms of no energy consumption is indeed weak, but is there no way for us to retain these printing plants

on the other hand, the printing market is gradually polarized, and each goes to extremes. The business of large printing plants is getting bigger and bigger. The reason is that they have enough funds to purchase advanced printing equipment. They have used all five and six color printing machines with continuous oiling equipment. The efficiency alone is beyond the reach of small and medium-sized factories. Fast efficiency and good equipment make their business grow; In terms of small factories, due to their small scale, light operating costs, high flexibility and strong viability. In contrast, the situation faced by medium-sized printing plants is much more difficult. They do not have the abundant capital of large factories to update equipment, nor do they have the light operating costs like small factories. Therefore, under the condition that their competitiveness is gradually weakened, their profits are declining, and they bear the heavy operating costs, medium-sized manufacturers must seek changes to strive for greater survival space

in addition to various impacts on the industry, science and technology continue to improve. Traditional manuscript and plate making have been gradually replaced by digital manuscript and computer direct plate making. For this reason, the business of many output centers and traditional manuscript companies has been greatly affected! Speaking of which, it seems to run counter to the title of the article. As a printing factory still in Hong Kong, how can it adapt to this climate and find business opportunities

the market of digital printing is empty.

the so-called survival of the fittest. Since digital printing is the general climate of the printing industry, it is an iron fact. The only way to be a survivor on the battlefield is to make appropriate adjustments in line with the general trend. But how to develop digital printing? How should digital printing cooperate with traditional printing

the reason why digital printing has its development space is that it can target the print market with many types, few quantities, urgent items and personalization. Due to the change of people's consumption mode, product styles are diverse, and money transfer is frequent. Therefore, the manufacturing of products tends to be more and less, which reduces the single quantity of printed materials such as color boxes, brochures, leaflets, etc., but increases the style. Through the processing of some special software, the content of digital printing can be changed in the process of one printing. It can be said that it is handy to make these multi type prints with digital printing. In the traditional process, although several editions of the same publication can be produced, this practice is usually difficult and expensive. In addition, the delivery time required by the customer is getting shorter and shorter. It is not uncommon for him to hand over a file to you in the morning and receive the printed copy in the afternoon. Digital printing can meet the demand for delivery in a short time

digital printing can produce high-quality color prints, and personalized printing can enable your customers to better deploy marketing plans. Now some personalized function software can provide variable data printing function. Users can use it to make highly personalized prints according to each customer's preferences and sales habits to meet the needs of all kinds of customers. These materials, because they are highly targeted to convey information to specific customers, are more influential, and the application trend of personalized printing is becoming more and more obvious

in addition to meeting the needs of customers, digital printing can also help salespeople find business opportunities. Using digital printing together can help you sort out a "one-to-one" sales book in the shortest time. In this way, customers feel respected, have great confidence in the quality and efficiency of the service you provide, and the order will naturally fall on you

another business opportunity is barcode printing. Bar code plays an important role in logistics management. Bar code printing involves the variable data of digital printing. Now many commodities are attached with a bar code label to cooperate with marketing, inventory, logistics and other management systems. Therefore, there is a huge demand for bar code printing, and printing manufacturers may wish to explore business opportunities in this regard

here, I don't ask you to change from printing to digital printing as a 180 degree change. I emphasize again and again that digital printing can never replace offset printing. After that, you can use a square level to brush against the vertical and horizontal positions on the outer surface of the oil cylinder. What I'm saying is to introduce digital printing to make up for the shortcomings of your existing tools, improve the court environment you are facing now, and make greater economic benefits

the strength of digital printing lies in "variable data printing", the key of which is the database. Having a full grasp and application of the database can give full play to the maximum benefits of digital printing. What I am talking about is not necessarily to use expensive and difficult procedures to build your database. Simple software such as Excel, filemarker pro and so on can already process general data

vertical and horizontal

for some smaller manufacturers, due to limited funds, they failed to accelerate the digitization of production mode. In fact, factories can cooperate with each other, complement each other, and achieve mutual benefits. Just like the "printing dock" visited in the last issue of Hong Kong Printing Resources (issue 64), each director will develop business opportunities and implement a strategic alliance

you may still worry about the feasibility of digital printing at this moment, but in reality, many companies have successfully transformed from traditional printing to a combination of the two. Xiexing Printing Design Co., Ltd. is a successful example. One of his clients is a district councilor in Tsuen Wan district. The councilor made full use of the advantages of digital printing to print urgent documents. Just two or three hours after a meeting of district councilors to discuss countermeasures against SARS, he has already had his anti-inflammatory mask and a pamphlet on anti-inflammatory printed by digital printing distributed on the street. In this time-consuming Hong Kong, he can step faster, There are advantages. Another example is Shihua electronic color separation and plate making Co., Ltd., which changed from traditional plate making to full digital workflow. At the beginning, it introduced digital printing machines to obtain printing business, and then purchased computer direct plate making and four-color offset printing machines equipped with CIP3, so that its business continues to expand. It's not difficult to step into the threshold of digital printing. I believe everyone can do it. The only problem is whether you can take the first step

source: Hong Kong Printing Resources

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