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Giant enterprises have fallen one after another, and the photovoltaic industry is under great pressure to face a reshuffle.

subsidies are increasingly reduced, and prices continue to fall, making it more difficult for the solar energy industry, which has been dependent on government subsidies since its birth. Once brilliant photovoltaic giant enterprises finally fell down one by one. Recently, following solarhybrid, solarmillennium and Solon, German Q-Cells also applied for bankruptcy protection, becoming the fourth solar energy enterprise in Germany to apply for bankruptcy protection, which also reflects that the global solar energy industry is experiencing shocks and reshuffles

when the collapse of giant enterprises made domestic peers feel a little chill, it also attracted a burst of sobs and expressed the feeling of "even Q-Cells fell". It is understood that on April 2, after the major shareholder solarmillennium started bankruptcy proceedings, solar trust applied for bankruptcy protection because it lost most of its working capital. Only two days later, the same reason also made Q-Cells jump after the main load loading. According to relevant data, under the double blow of the continuous reduction of photovoltaic subsidies by the German government and the difficulty in obtaining financing, Q-Cells, the world's largest battery manufacturer, became famous a few years ago. The loss of accelerating the development of the new material industry in 2011 has exceeded 846 million euros

the collapse of giant enterprises has limited room for release.

foreign media bluntly said that the bankruptcy of giant enterprises was due to the competition of Chinese peers, which was also recognized by domestic peers. Lian Rui, senior analyst of dis proyan information consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China Energy News: "Compared with domestic photovoltaic enterprises, Q-Cells' competitiveness is obviously weak at present, and it can't compete with Chinese photovoltaic enterprises at all. At present, the achievements made by domestic photovoltaic enterprises in terms of technology leadership, scale effect and cost control are obvious to all in the world. From the global photovoltaic market share of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises, it can also be seen that in 2011, the production of solar cells in mainland China and Taiwan accounted for 74% of the global market share Has already surpassed half of the international photovoltaic industry. "

Lian Rui said: "recently, Q-Cells' application for bankruptcy protection has made domestic peers sigh, but from its development context, rumors of bankruptcy have always existed, and it is expected to apply for bankruptcy protection."

Wen Jianhua, CEO of Hunan Gongchuang Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China Energy News: "In 2008, German solar energy products accounted for 60% of its new market share, and Chinese enterprises accounted for only 21%. When the photovoltaic industry 'international transfer' to China with low labor costs, the situation reversed, and the market share of Chinese enterprises in Germany rose sharply. With the successive bankruptcy of foreign enterprises, part of the international market will be let out."

it is understood that the annual shipment of Q-Cells last year was 783 megawatts. At present, this part of the market is expected to be shared by Chinese enterprises. Lian Rui said, "although Q-Cells will release part of the market space, the space, especially in terms of conductivity, has exceeded that of silver, which is often limited, and will not have a great impact on domestic enterprises. In 2011, the output of Q-Cells was 783 MW, which is only equivalent to 1/30 of the global gigawatts (expected) this year. But at present, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises are fully capable of sharing this part of the market space."

the biggest competition is among domestic enterprises

overseas competitors are decreasing one by one, which shows us the cruel side of the competition of international enterprises. However, Lian Rui said: "compared with the competition between foreign enterprises, the way to eliminate the competition between domestic photovoltaic enterprises is to open the oil pump bleed screw. The competition is the most tragic battlefield."

according to statistics, the number of domestic photovoltaic enterprises is nearly 500. "The reduction of the number of enterprises is the direction of the integration of the photovoltaic industry. In the future, among the hundreds of domestic enterprises, the enterprises with weak competitiveness must face elimination, which is a historical process. And in the future, the competition among enterprises will no longer simply rely on price war, and the enterprise brand, technology and operation cost will play a key role." He said

in the process of integration, small enterprises with poor competitiveness will account for the majority of the number eliminated, but some large enterprises will also face elimination. "The competition among domestic enterprises is not necessarily the elimination of small enterprises, and some large enterprises are also facing elimination. At present, domestic enterprises need to strive not to fall behind." Lian Rui said

Wen Jianhua said: "There are many uncertain factors in the short term, but the future of the photovoltaic industry must be bright. At present, the domestic market has developed rapidly, and has been growing in the past two years. In 2011, China was the third largest market in the world, and this year is the second largest market. However, with the intensification of competition, the game of all parties has increased, and the overall resource allocation continues to break the balance, which is bound to increase the imbalance and uncertainty of production and marketing of enterprises. In the extensive production and extensive policies And a single application market system framework will lay the seeds of overdraft in the future market. German enterprises will do this, and Chinese enterprises are no exception. China's photovoltaic industry should consciously get rid of this dilemma now. "

China photovoltaic industry alliance is also paying close attention to the bankruptcy of German enterprises, Relevant staff of its secretariat said: "Any industry will face the choice of survival of the fittest in the market, and the photovoltaic market is no exception. It is normal for the global photovoltaic industry to develop to this stage. Domestic enterprises are technologically ahead of the world and effectively control costs, so the bankruptcy of international enterprises is inevitable. We should now pay attention to that, foreign countries use this as a gimmick to hype the bankruptcy of German enterprises, and use local trade protection to suppress the development momentum of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises 。 In the future, under the constraints of WT0 framework, how to develop the country's photovoltaic industry is what the government and industry should think about. "

Wen Jianhua said: "The development trend of photovoltaic market is changing to a diversified direction, and it is in the stage of transition from policy market to sustainable market. At the same time, the era of photovoltaic installed capacity affected by the policy of a single region will also pass. Photovoltaic global integration, photovoltaic industry cycle, photovoltaic global chess game, and photovoltaic industry division of labor will achieve a new balance with the game between countries and enterprises. In technology research and development, product development The pioneer in the comprehensive research and development of diversified solar photovoltaic products will become the ultimate market leader. "

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