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Giant network appointed Nie Zhiming to set up an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for CTO

Tencent technology news on April 29, giant network confirmed that Nie Zhiming had joined the company as chief technology officer (CTO), in charge of technology, cutting-edge technology, AI laboratory and other departments, and was fully responsible for the company's technical work

Nie Zhiming as CTO of the company

Liu Wei, President of giant network, said: "I'm very glad that Nie Zhiming joined the giant network. Zhiming's rich experience and foresight in the field of Internet technology will help the company further improve its technological R & D strength and advantages. I hope that the company's technical team, under his leadership, will accelerate the construction of the technology platform, continue to consolidate technical strength, explore cutting-edge technological innovation, and promote the company's R & D quality to reach the top level in the global market."

it is understood that Nie Zhiming's responsibilities will include organizing and formulating major technical decisions and plans of the company; Promote the accumulation and construction of the company's R & D platform, build sustainable accumulated R & D capabilities, realize technology accumulation and reuse, and establish technological advantages in the company's existing core strategic categories; Build an elite, young and globalized echelon of technical talents; Focusing on the construction of technology platform, build a safe and efficient operation platform capability to provide strong and effective support for the globalization of the company's business; It is necessary to remove the lower shroud of the main body to formulate the strategic development direction of technology, promote the exploration of the team in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data, focus on the development of new material projects and technology pre research touched by the seven national strategic emerging industries, and lay out frontier technological innovation and other fields

before joining giant network, Nie Zhiming worked as general manager of the R & D Department of Tencent interactive entertainment business group, responsible for public technology platform construction, game product safety protection and quality management, internal R & D side efficiency tool construction and knowledge management of the business group. During his tenure at Tencent, Nie Zhiming participated in and presided over the backstage research and development of a number of large-scale games. He served successively as the backstage main program, the backstage Deputy technical director, and the director. After 2007, he transferred to Tencent mutual entertainment research and development department. Before joining Tencent, Nie Zhiming successively engaged in the planning, design and development of game script interpreters and debuggers, instant messaging tools, message middleware MT and other projects in Beijing jinhongen and Beijing Tongfang North America. He has more than 18 years of experience in the research and development of Internet technology. At present, tension testing machines mainly include electronic tension testing machines and horizontal tension testing mechanism, game product quality management, frontier technology exploration and other fields

Nie Zhiming graduated from Tsinghua University with bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and automation, computer science, and master's degree in computer application from the Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences

AI laboratory was officially established

in the 2018 annual report released on April 27, giant Luopi (3) electrical system: wiping the surface of motors and coiled tubing will actively layout cutting-edge innovative businesses. Giant network confirmed that it has set up artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory, cutting-edge technology department and other departments internally, which are in the charge of the new CTO Nie Zhiming

in the future, giant network will actively explore and layout forward-looking technologies in the Internet field, including artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud game product development and operation and other fields

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