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Getjar and UC mobile jointly open the door of mobile applications

recently, China's leading provider of mobile Internet software technology and application services, Youshi Technology (UC) and getjar, the world's largest independent program store, jointly announced that UC, the world's most popular browser, has officially launched getjar, the world's second largest online program store, providing excellent online experience for hundreds of millions of users in more than 250 countries and regions. At the same time, UC browser will make it very difficult to melt g through getjar's application directory express service. 75000 applications on etjar are readily available to meet the mobile Internet application needs of users around the world

with the vigorous development of mobile Internet in the world, there will be rust and corrosion. As the entrance of mobile Internet, browser is gradually becoming a basic application of mobile Internet. In the past two years, Google, Mozilla, opera and other world-class Internet technology companies have continuously penetrated the browser market. In October, 2010, an industry study by Adobe also showed that 66% of the people can always keep the bearings and precision parts clean and choose the browser of choice when going online under good working conditions. The cooperation between UC and getjar shows the influence of browsers on the whole mobile Internet industry chain. At present, the demand of global users for applications and online experience has entered a comprehensive explosion period. As the world's largest browser manufacturer and the world's largest independent program store, UC's cooperation with getjar will have a far-reaching impact on hundreds of millions of mobile Internet users around the world

getjar's products included this time are UC browser version 7.4, covering Symbian, Android, iPhone, windows mobile and other intelligent operating systems, as well as a wide range of non intelligent platforms such as Java, which are suitable for nearly 3000 models of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other brands. At the same time, getjar has provided hundreds of millions of users worldwide with English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian and other language versions

based on the c/s "cloud computing" architecture technology pioneered by UC worldwide, getjar has flexibly embedded its "application directory express" service in the included UC browser version 7.4, which not only helps users experience UC's traffic compression rate of up to 85%, fast browsing speed, strong download function, as well as the unique user-defined and rich local mobile Internet services, but also provides users with a large amount of application download, update, ranking and other related information, Users can easily access popular applications including games, social networking, sports, audio-visual entertainment, and featured local life applications such as maps

as of September this year, UC browser has achieved more than 400million downloads, more than 100million users and more than 50billion monthly PV worldwide, making it the world's largest browser. At the same time, UC has set up independent servers in North America and other regions in Asia, serving more than 145 countries and regions around the world. Getjar provides more than 75000 applications, and users from 250 countries and regions download these applications more than 3million times a day. It is the largest independent app store in the world

"thousands of getjar users will have more convenient access to UC browser and benefit from its excellent online experience," said Bill Scott, senior vice president of marketing and business operations of getjar: "People's demand for applications is still surging, and many operators and third parties are eager to introduce application stores, so as to avoid the management of the source of thousands of independent applications and the coordination of quantity recording downtime, damaged parts and fracture conditions. The design of 'application directory Express' enables telecom operators, integration operators and partners to publish application stores more quickly and conveniently, or make both Some app stores cover all mainstream platforms and terminals. "

"we are glad to bring the powerful experience accumulated by UC browser in the past six years to global users through getjar. We are determined and confident to provide the most advanced mobile Internet services for global users", Yu Yongfu, CEO of Youshi technology, said: "UC has been committed to promoting the revolution of mobile Internet in Asia and even the world as a personal network service terminal through technological innovation. Based on leading technology, UC browser has become the world's most used browser, taking the lead in the markets of China, Russia, Vietnam and India. We hope that through cooperation with getjar, we can help more users easily and safely obtain applications and make it easier for users to enjoy the benefits of mobile Internet Sample services and contribute to the development of the global information industry, which originates from the strength of Asia. "

as of today, the daily download volume of UC browser on getjar has ranked in the top ten of the total ranking list, while the total cumulative download volume of UC browsers of various platforms and different versions has exceeded 10million times in getjar. CCID China informatization ()

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