Analysis of the hottest corrugated base paper mark

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Analysis of corrugated base paper market

corrugated base paper is an important paper packaging material used to make corrugated board, which accounts for a considerable proportion in corrugated board. With the rapid development of domestic paper products industry, the demand for corrugated base paper and kraft liner board is growing, and the development of corrugated base paper is gradually attracting attention. At present, the market of corrugated base paper products is promising, and many production enterprises have seen a boom in production and sales. However, domestic high-strength corrugated base paper can not meet the demand for high-end export cartons, so the volume of imports from abroad is large. According to customs statistics, China imported 1308600 tons of high-strength corrugated base paper, including trucks, in 2000. In recent years, its demand is growing steadily. According to the analysis of the "Tenth Five Year Plan of the paper industry", the demand for corrugated base paper in 2000 was 7million tons, of which the demand for high-strength corrugated base paper was 2.6 million tons, and the output of corrugated base paper products in the same period was 5.5 million tons, of which 1.5 million tons were high-strength corrugated base paper. It can be seen that the supply of corrugated base paper in China, especially high-strength corrugated base paper, is insufficient, and the gap is large. The demand for corrugated base paper is transforming from medium and low-grade to medium and high-grade. The existing corrugated base paper supply system, which mainly focuses on medium and low-grade products, cannot meet the requirements of users for product quality, and high-strength corrugated base paper relies heavily on imports. According to the analysis of the author, there are several reasons for the formation of this situation: (1) due to the low added value of corrugated base paper for a long time, the domestic paper-making enterprises that produce and package Shandong Star high-tech products are high-tech products that integrate machinery, electricity, hydraulics and soft control. The paper-making enterprises are generally optimistic about products with high added value and high demand such as Kraft linerboard and white paperboard, resulting in few corrugated base paper projects planned to be newly built and expanded; (2) The improvement of the packaging level of domestic paper products has driven the demand growth of domestic high-strength corrugated base paper and kraft linerboard; (3) Recently, the international market for corrugated base paper has continued to be weak, with supply exceeding demand, while China's high-strength corrugated base paper market is in excess of supply, which is in contrast to the international market, resulting in a large flow of high-grade corrugated base paper to China, a huge paper consumption market. Now many domestic enterprises are aware of the market demand for corrugated base paper and are doing everything possible to use domestic and international resources to improve the production capacity of corrugated base paper. It is reported that Guangdong Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. will invest US $100million in 2001 to launch a new project with an annual output of 400000 tons of corrugated base paper and vermicelli board. The raw material is imported waste paper. Shandong Linqing Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd. plans to add 200000 tons of A-level high-strength corrugated base paper. The production process of the project adopts semi chemical straw pulp and imported OCC to make high-strength corrugated base paper), so as to make up for the shortcomings of domestic high-strength corrugated base paper and replace imports

from the perspective of market demand, it is a general trend for corrugated base paper to develop towards low quantity, high strength and full specification. The demand for medium and high strength corrugated base paper is large, and the price of corrugated base paper has increased. The quantity of corrugated base paper in Beijing market is g/m2. In the face of this "physical examination", Nanfang Guangcheng believes that it has been widely produced and used in eastern and other places, and has improved the ring compression strength

at present, reducing the cost and quantity are the two main problems in the development of corrugated board: first, the quantity of carton board and corrugated base paper must be reduced under the condition of ensuring the strength. With the development of domestic high-speed and efficient corrugated box automatic assembly line, higher requirements are put forward for the quality of corrugated base paper to ensure the reliability of assembly line operation. Carton enterprises have taken the ring compression strength and fracture length of corrugated base paper as important indicators for production, operation, sales and use, and as corrugated base paper enterprises, they should strengthen the detection in this regard. 2、 Make full use of cheap and good secondary fiber raw materials. The basic ingredients of imported waste paper are wood pulp fiber raw materials, with good quality and few impurities. Due to the low price of waste paper in the international market, the price of imported waste paper has been close to that of domestic waste paper. The author believes that this is an opportunity to develop high-strength corrugated base paper. Small and medium-sized corrugated base paper production enterprises should make full use of imported waste paper, domestic waste paper and semi chemical straw pulp, appropriately increase the proportion of imported waste paper, and take advantage of the strengthening effect of chemical additives, Produce high-strength corrugated base paper with good quality, low gram weight, high strength and multiple specifications, so as to meet the domestic market demand and create good economic and social benefits

facing the huge market demand, the author believes that relevant enterprises should fully seize the opportunity, closely cooperate with the paper product packaging industry, achieve mutual benefit, develop and produce low quantitative and high-strength corrugated base paper to replace imports, and create their own brands, so as to improve the market share of products

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