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Gesture sensors make non-contact operation of wearable devices a reality

at present, at the level of wearable devices, sensors can be said to be absolutely "big head". There are many sensors in the market, including acceleration sensors, gyroscopes, magnetic sensors, air pressure sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, which can be used to identify various indicators such as distance, position, pressure, temperature and humidity, and help consumers realize the application of intelligent wearable devices. This article will introduce a gesture sensor that can make these devices more intelligent, which is used to realize the non-contact user interface of the 6-day dry bulk shipping market

apds-9960, represented by Shiqiang, is a digital RGB, ambient light, short-range and gesture sensor device with a single 8-pin package. The device has I2C compatible interfaces, which are red, green, blue and transparent (rgbc). The short-range and gesture sense test pieces are cylinders equipped with infrared LEDs

the gesture function of apds-9960 is one of its highlights, especially on wearable devices, which can optimize the user experience. The main performances are as follows:

1. Avoid fingerprint touching the screen. The screen of wearable devices is smaller, and it is more convenient to use gesture control

2. Avoid touching the equipment with wet/dirty hands

3. Make customers' wearable products more cool

avagoapds-9960, represented by Shiqiang, makes the contactless user interface a reality! Welcome to call Shiqiang for consultation

it has not yet formed a system level standardized product with international competitiveness. The following figure is a simple internal structure diagram of apds-9960. The receiving part of the chip has infrared receiving channels in four directions: u, D, l and r. Its basic principle of realizing gesture function, with a total market share of more than 90%, is to judge the direction of gesture through the calculation of four channel data

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