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Gew energy-saving UV curing system lands at the European coatings exhibition

gew will bring its newly developed isocureuv curing system to the European coatings Exhibition 2009 held in Nuremberg, Germany. Gew's new laboratory test module and seecure UV monitoring system will also appear on the gew booth

in China, the distribution of energy not only has obvious regional differences in the total amount, isocure2. Is there noise in the use of fatigue testing machine? UV curing system can be described as providing services for curing processes in various fields, including UV coatings, pressure-sensitive adhesives, silicone resins, printing inks, sealants and cationic chemicals. At the same time, isocure can also be applied to many industrial processing links, and its optimized curing technology, It can increase UV energy output by about 20% and reduce energy consumption by about 30%

isocure can provide new equipment or upgrade the original UV radiation system to improve the efficiency and productivity of UV curing. The system can meet the requirements of different sizes of arch length between 500mm and 2000mm. At the same time, isocure is equipped with gew's inert environment technology, which can improve the UV curing speed and meet the harsh requirements of food packaging on the curing environment to eliminate oxygen conditions

isocure curing system is designed to adopt full water-cooled cooling mode, and reduce the temperature of UV light-emitting devices through water pipes and dispersion. This technology can reduce the heating or other temperature requirements of the system, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Gew company introduced a new UV curing control system e-brick, which adopts the latest design concept and is controlled by integrated circuit operation to realize the real full-automatic function and one click operation, so that the operation output value is large enough, and the interface is easier to understand and friendly. In particular, the design of integrated control of e-brick system abandons the design method of outputting power through step-up transformer commonly used in the market in the past, It realizes and takes the lead in sequencing the genome of polylysine bacteria in the world. The low-energy and high-power output mode not only makes the system more stable, but also effectively saves the loss of electric energy

gewuv curing system originated in the United Kingdom. It is one of the UV curing systems with the most humanized design, the most stable operation and the most reasonable price that can be found in the international market at present. Gew company has a history of nearly 50 years, and has experienced from the original high-voltage power output lamp holder (1000V, Nuva system) to the low-voltage power output lamp holder (450V VCP system)

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