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China Securities News on the evening of October 19, the company announced that the name of the company was changed from julun Co., Ltd. to julun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and the abbreviation of the company's securities would be changed from julun Co., Ltd. to julun intelligent from October 20

julun Co., Ltd. said that in recent years, the company has promoted the implementation of innovation driven strategy, accelerated the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, deeply explored the field of industrial 4.0 equipment, developed high-end intelligent complete sets of equipment such as industrial robots, improved the company's comprehensive competitiveness and realized the company's future industrial planning, so it decided to change the company's name and securities abbreviation

at the just opened Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition of the China International Fair, the giant ship launched the latest application products, such as automatic stamping simulation of collision beams, automatic spraying of joint arm teaching, robot welding, CMM automatic detection, robot sword dance, etc., which were unveiled at the exhibition site and won high praise in the industry

since the layout of the robot industry, the R & D platform and industrial platform of the giant ship robot have been continuously promoted. The company has been approved to establish the Guangdong intelligent manufacturing equipment engineering laboratory, and has long-term strategic cooperation with the industry-leading Israeli SAS company. It is committed to the independent R & D, manufacturing and sales of industrial robot control system technology and motion controller, and provides upgraded mechanical performance testing machines for authorized technology, which is highly comparable Training and support services. The layout of giant ships in the field of intelligent manufacturing is becoming clearer and faster

giant ship has independently developed 6kg-300kg six degree of freedom light and heavy-duty industrial robots, independently developed RV Reducer, the core component of the robot, developed robot unit control system and three-dimensional warehouse system with independent intellectual property rights, and formed a series of intelligent solutions for different industries and different needs, so as to build the first tire mold intelligent chemical plant in China, Carry out the research, development and implementation of a full set of intelligent schemes for tire manufacturing, and design and manufacture the first domestic automatic tire production line for Hangzhou Zhongce, China's largest tire manufacturer. Taking the machining and 3C industries as the background, we have carried out the research and development of intelligent transformation technology in the machinery and 3C industries, and successfully developed intelligent automatic drilling and milling processing units, which have been popularized and applied on a large scale

in July this year, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on actively promoting interconnection + action. Interconnection + collaborative manufacturing is one of the important contents. The purpose is to promote the integration of interconnection and manufacturing, improve the digitalization, networking and intelligence level of manufacturing, strengthen industrial chain collaboration, and develop a new model of collaborative manufacturing based on interconnection. Junlun also invested and participated in Beijing Zhongke Tianji technology [-2.21% capital research report] on May 13, Eastern time in July. The latter is mainly based on the operation of big data services. It is one of the main incubation enterprises established by the Institute of computing technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to accelerate the transformation of technological achievements and promote the development of high-tech industries. The data science and Engineering Research Center of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which it relies on, has long been committed to Internet information mining Theoretical research and system development of big data and cloud computing. The company said that in the future, it will actively play the dual wheel drive of intelligent manufacturing + big data by turning the driven pointer to the position of high impact energy (if the digital display device is used)

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