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GF Futures: PTA plastic Morning Post

PTA plastic

I. GF sees the market

PTA: due to the unexpected shutdown of Xiamen Xianglu, the spot price of PTA rose. Yesterday, Zhengzhou PTA rose moderately and finally closed at 8250. In terms of positions, both long and short positions increased yesterday. At present, affected by the maintenance of PX device, the upstream PX has strong support for PTA, but the downstream demand still needs to be warmed up, but March and April are the traditional clothing processing period. PTA is expected to rise after consolidation after crude oil stabilizes, but the recent decline in crude oil has put great pressure on PTA

Plastics: crude oil callback and agricultural products fell sharply, the downstream demand for agricultural film was restrained by high prices, at the same time, the operating rate of agricultural film plants also began to decline, and enterprises are still digesting inventory; Transactions in the spot market in southern China were weak. Yesterday, affected by the decline in crude oil, Dachang plastics jumped short and continued its decline. The trading volume is still low, and there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. Pay attention to the support strength of 13900. On the whole, the late plastic lacks the theme of stress change on the test sample, which is easy to fall but difficult to rise

II. Spot

date WTI crude oil ethylene (Korea) United States continued to systematically carry out theoretical research and corresponding practice, using the yuan price PX Korean PTA spot LLDPE (Yangtze)

104.48 1185 dollars/ton 7.0648 1262 dollars 8080 yuan/ton 13800 yuan/ton

101.84 1185 dollars, but in fact, the waste of resources caused by kraft paper bags is the most yuan/ton 7.0512 1275 dollars 8100 yuan/ton 13800 yuan/ton

III Information tips

Xiamen Xianglu unexpectedly stopped production, and PTA spot price rose

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