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Now, many owners will put the sideboard wine cabinets at home. Many young owners only care about whether the decoration and placement are good-looking, and do not pay attention to Feng Shui at all. In fact, this is wrong, because the poor placement of the sideboard wine cabinets will affect the Feng Shui at home. So, what should we pay attention to when placing the sidebar and wine cabinet? What are the types of wine cabinets? Now let's have a simple understanding with Xiaobian

I. what should we pay attention to when placing the sidebar wine cabinet

1. The sidebar wine cabinet is the symbol of the mountain, which needs to be placed on the owner's original lucky side. If the owner belongs to the East Fourth life, it can be placed in the due east, due south, due north and Southeast directions of the restaurant. If it belongs to the West Fourth life, the best placement should be in the due west, southwest, northwest and northeast directions, so the owner should pay attention to the reserved placement before buying

2. The wine cabinet is placed in the dead corner of the restaurant

because the wine cabinet at the side of the restaurant is water, it should be placed in the dead corner of the restaurant most appropriately. Many owners directly regard the bar as a wine cabinet, which is the same

3. Fish tanks should not be placed next to the wine cabinet

food side cabinet. Fish tanks cannot be placed next to the wine cabinet, because both of them belong to water. If placed together, it will affect family luck. If the restaurant is relatively small, it can only be placed in that position. It is recommended to put a pot of green plants in the middle of the two to eliminate excessive moisture

4. Avoid being opposite to the divine cabinet

the wine cabinet at the side of the meal cannot be placed directly opposite the divine cabinet, because most wine cabinets will be installed with lenses. If the lenses are directly opposite to the divine platform, it will reflect the incense of the divine platform, which is very unlucky from the perspective of Feng Shui. Therefore, if the owner encounters such a situation, he must shift the wine cabinet to avoid the opposite of the two

second, what are the types of wine cabinets

1. Glass partition wine cabinets

glass partition wine cabinets are more suitable for small house types, and the style is relatively simple. It is OK to directly install a few pieces of glass plates on the wall. They can be freely combined according to the layout of the room, which will not occupy a large space, but also play a good decorative role

2. Fireplace wine cabinet

now most people will make the living room and dining room open when decorating, which can make the whole space appear spacious. In order to make a better distinction between the two, they will design a fireplace wine cabinet, which is mainly composed of marble, and the style is very beautiful. It can not only decorate the house, but also be used as a wine cabinet

3. Log wine cabinet

log wine cabinet is actually what we often call a full solid wood wine cabinet. This kind of wine cabinet is expensive and has a long service life, but it needs regular maintenance. Putting this kind of wine cabinet at home can improve the temperament of the host and give the guests a sense of elegance. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the natural flavor of wooden furniture can effectively absorb the bad indoor air

4. Wine cabinet in the porch

now when decorating the house, people will design the porch as a wine cabinet, which can protect the owner's privacy outside and act as a simple bar inside. It is both beautiful and practical, and it is a style that many young owners like very much

editor's summary: the above is what Xiaobian shared for you about the placement of the sidebar and wine cabinet. What should we pay attention to? And what kind of relevant information about the types of wine cabinets, I hope to help you. If you want to know more about decoration, you can pay attention to it





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