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In the process of decoration, although sufficient expenses have been prepared, it is better to calculate and know the estimated expenses of all details in the process early, so as to make the decoration progress run normally. The following editors have prepared various budget formulas for everyone, such as paint latex, composite floor, floor tile, wallpaper, fabric, bedspread and tablecloth, to help you make a good budget account book before decoration and make consumption clear, Spend every penny on the blade! Be a frugal and happy housewife

composite floor: (rough) floor area/(1.2m*0.19) *105% (of which 5% is loss) = number of floor blocks; (accurate) (room length/board length) * (room width/board width) = number of floor blocks

take the room with length of 5m and width of 4m, and choose 900*90*0.18m floor as an example: room 5m/1.2m=5 pieces, room 4m/0.19m=22 pieces; 5 pieces long * 22 pieces wide = 110 pieces in total. There will be 3%-5% loss of composite wood floor in pavement, if calculated by area

solid wood floor: (rough) room area/floor area *1.08 (8% of which is loss) = number of floor blocks used; (accurate) (room length/floor length) * (room width/floor width) = the number of floor blocks used

take a room with a length of 8cm and a width of 5m, and use a 900*90*0.18m floor as an example, the room length is 8m/board length is 0.9m=9 blocks. Room width 5m/plate width 0.09m=56 pieces. 9 pieces long * 56 pieces wide = 504 pieces in total. There is usually 5%-8% loss in solid wood floor pavement, which should be taken into account in the calculation

paint emulsion paint: the packaging of paint emulsion paint is basically divided into two specifications: 5 liter and 15 liter. Taking the 5 liter capacity commonly used in families as an example, the theoretical brushing area of 5 liters is 35 ㎡ twice. (rough) ground area *2.5/35= number of barrels used; (accurate) calculation method: (length + width) * 2 * room height = wall area; Length * width = top area

(wall area + top area - door and window area)/35= number of barrels used

Wallpaper: (rough) floor area *3= total area of wallpaper, total area of wallpaper/(0.53*10) = number of rolls of wallpaper; (accurate) the length of each roll of wallpaper/the actual height of the room = the number of components used

the perimeter of the room/the width of the wallpaper = the total number of units used, the total number of units used/the number of components used = the number of rolls of wallpaper used. When calculating the amount of wallpaper, subtract the height of skirting board and top line. In addition, the area of doors and windows should also be subtracted from the usage. Suitable for wallpaper with plain color or fine flowers

floor tile: (rough) room area/floor tile area *1.1= number of bricks used; (accurate) (room length/brick length) * (room width/brick width) = number of bricks used

take a room with a length of 7m and a width of 5m, using floor tiles of 0.3*0.3m specification as an example, room length of 7m/brick length of 0.3m=24 pieces. Room width 5m/brick width 0.3m=17 pieces; 24 pieces long * 17 pieces wide = 408 bricks in total. There will be about 3% loss of floor tiles in pavement. The calculation method of ground stone is roughly the same as that of ceramic tiles, but the loss during cutting and handling is larger than that of ceramic tiles, with about 4.2% loss




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