Look at other people's beds. That's wit

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Come and have a look at other people's beds! Not smart

speaking of the bed that occupies the most space, it must bear the brunt.

since you want to save space

you might as well start from the bed first

come and have a look at other people's beds


bed + storage room

although the bed takes up space, it is short. How to make good use of the longitudinal space of the bed is particularly important. Divide the room into two, set up the bed on the second floor, build a small staircase, and make a small storage room on the first floor, which has the best of both worlds! In this way, the noble duplex room is not out of reach

have you found that there is a small cat's nest at the entrance of the stairs, and raising small pets at home can also be solved

in addition to turning into a storage room, the space under the bed can also become a cloakroom. Even if your home is 60 or 70 square meters, you can have your own cloakroom ~ ~

if your brain hole is wide open, you can also be as cool as the following figure. Put the bed directly on the door of the room, TV, bookcase, storage cabinet, hee hee, all have

it can also save a lot of space like when you were a student, with the desk below and the bed above

as for the ladder, it's better to customize a group of storage cabinets. It's a good choice to use the cabinet as a ladder

pull type

have you ever seen a bed in a drawer? In addition to being able to hide the bed, it is also a beautiful book corner. Oh ~


hidden beds are like transformers, not to mention how cool, but this kind of bed needs special customization

put it away as a small desk and put it down as a double bed




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