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In large family houses, if there are fewer people living and there are rich rooms for a long time, many people will consider setting a small room left idle as a study, which can not only provide a quiet place for study and office, but also highlight the owner's cultivation and taste

the main function of the study is to read and work, so it is more suitable for a quiet atmosphere. Therefore, we should also pay attention to this in the process of decoration to avoid too many inappropriate magnetic fields in the decoration affecting the quiet thinking of people in the study. For many young people who study in the study, the study is also the main learning movement, so try to put some mascots to promote the learning movement. So, what are the stresses of study decoration

first, the environment should not be too noisy

the study must ensure the quietness of the environment, so that people can calm down to read and write at ease. So the study should be as far away from the noisy living room and the noisy kitchen as possible. If conditions permit, families can consider using sound insulation facilities during decoration

second, the decoration should not be too fancy

modern decoration pays attention to the avant-garde of personality and color, but the study had better keep simple and simple colors. Too much fancy will distract readers' minds and make people unable to calm down. At the same time, some bright warm colors, such as red and orange, will make people angry, and should be avoided as much as possible

III. the light should not be too hot

the light in the study should not be too bright or too dark, which will damage your eyesight. It is also inappropriate to have too many and messy colors, which will make people in the study in a trance and affect their study. Try to put an eye protecting lamp on the desk, so that you won't feel hard and damage your eyesight after a long time of study

IV. pay attention to the arrangement of desks

try not to face the window or carry the window behind you. The sun and the air flow outside the window will directly rush at the desk, which will disturb the mind of learners. At the same time, there is no support behind it, which is not conducive to the luck of study and work, and it is not convenient to pull the curtain. Seats are not easy to set beside or behind the door. When others pass by the study, they will affect the concentration of readers and easily expose their privacy. It's best to set it in the corner with a backrest behind the seat

fifth, the study should not have more appliances

there are three pages in total. Page 1: 123 the next page. Usually, the common appliances in the study are computers, desk lamps, and sometimes telephones. In addition, try to discharge less electrical appliances in the study. The magnetic field of electrical appliances will disturb the mood of learners, make people irritable, and is not conducive to learning

VI. don't place the desk under the beam

the beam will make people feel oppressive. Studying and working under the beam will make people unable to concentrate, and the study and work movements will also be affected, making it difficult for people to enter a good school or obtain the opportunity of job promotion

VII. Decoration should be selected.

some mascots of student or work luck can be placed in the study, such as Wenchang tower. Remember not to put beauties, beasts and other decorations, which will affect the minds of learners and easily make people daydream

VIII. Pay attention to the selection of directions

the study uses less time than the bedroom, so if it is set at the auspicious star position, it will be a little wasted. Therefore, try to set it in Wenchang, which is conducive to learning movement and can make bookroom work twice with half effort. It is also OK to choose the lone star position, which will make people cool headed and suitable for learning

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in the layout of residential Feng Shui, we should not only think of Feng Shui inside the family, but also think of Feng Shui outside the family. If there is a problem with Feng Shui outside the family, it is likely to lead to big problems in our own Feng Shui. If there is a T-junction next to your home, what impact does this geomancy have on your home

1. Affect the geomantic environment at the T-shaped intersection. The geomantic layout is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth, especially for young couples, buying a house around the intersection cannot calm the geomantic situation. It is best not to buy a house around the T-shaped intersection, so as not to have an adverse impact on their own wealth and fortune, and it is difficult to recover

2. It is conducive to emotional fortunes

from the perspective of emotional fortunes, it is relatively beneficial. Feng Shui at T-junction is very active, which is not only good luck for single young people. Even if married couples live in the rooms around T-junction, it is also conducive to maintaining long-term passion between husband and wife and making the relationship between husband and wife stronger

3. Conducive to health

in Feng Shui layout, the most taboo is that Feng Shui is not flowing enough, which is easy to cause Feng Shui to become a backwater, and also easy to cause problems in their own various Feng Shui fortunes. Especially for the healthy fortune, there is a T-junction on the side of the house, which is not harmful to the healthy fortune, but because the popularity is relatively concentrated, it is conducive to health

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