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The modern home furnishing concept is more and more inclined to save space, customize on demand, environmental protection and practicality, among which the sliding sliding door can not only provide sealing for the wardrobe and cloakroom, but also provide sealing for the living room, kitchen,

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the modern home furnishing concept is more and more inclined to save space, customize on demand, environmental protection and practicality. In addition to providing sealing for the wardrobe and cloakroom, the sliding sliding door can also play a role in space separation and increasing privacy for the living room, kitchen, balcony and other places. So how to choose sliding door? How to identify the quality of sliding doors? Now let's take you to the top ten brands of doors and windows

1. Selection of profile section:

the profiles of sliding doors in the market are divided into aluminum magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. The profile of high-quality sliding door is made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys, which has great advantages in toughness, and the thickness can reach more than 1mm, while the profile of low quality is recycled aluminum, which reduces the toughness and service life. Generally, it is titanium magnesium alloy, and there is silicon magnesium alloy. The hardness of silicon magnesium alloy is relatively large, and the price is relatively high

2. Selection of frame profile:

the thickness of frame profile generally needs to reach 1.2mm-1.5mm, so that the sliding door can reach a maximum of 2.8 meters without shaking, which is relatively stable. If the wall thickness is less than 1.2mm, it can only reach a maximum of 2 meters, too high will shake, which is very prone to problems

3. Selection of pulley:

generally installed at the bottom of sliding door. A pulley is roughly divided into two parts, one part is the bearing, and the other part is the bearing outer layer. The quality of bearings plays a key role in the durability of sliding doors. Imported light steel ball bearings are used for good sliding doors, and the manufacturer and product model are marked on the bearings. When the poor roller is first installed, the pulling effect is similar to that of the good one, but there is a significant difference after half a year. Now there is a pulley without bearing in the center, which only needs lubricating oil and mechanical friction to achieve the sliding effect. In this way, it is not only easy to be contaminated with dust, but also blocked and unable to slide once the grease is dry

4. Choice of track:

the rationality of the ground track design directly affects the comfort and service life of the product. Consumers should choose a style that has good foot feel and is conducive to cleaning and hygiene. At the same time, for the safety of the elderly and children at home, the height of the ground track should not exceed 5mm

5. Brand selection:

don't trust the so-called recommended products. It depends on the authority of the license issuing authority. You must ask the merchants for the test report, which should be printed with the CMA national certification mark. A good sliding door pulls smoothly, without noise and impurities. It is calm but smooth. A bad one has noise. It has a sense of jumping. You can pull more doors to have a look. In addition, the clean and tidy store and the warm and professional service also let you choose to rest assured

6. Sealing selection:

whether you choose furniture or doors and windows, sealing is very important. At present, the bottom wheel of some brands of sliding doors in the market is external, so the position of the bottom wheel should be reserved when the two doors slide, which will make the gap between the doors very large, and the sealing cannot meet the specified standard





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