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The sofa background wall is decorated and designed “ Focus ”, Many owners have invested a lot of money and energy in the decoration design of the living room, in order to create a more personalized and tasteful home space. There are various decorative methods for the background wall of modern sofa. The hand-painted wall combined with the mural art of classical religion and the street graffiti style is increasingly used in the decoration of the background wall of sofa, especially among young people. However, there is also a kind of decorative painting of the background wall of sofa that has been used since ancient times. The decorative painting carefully selected by the owner is hung on the background wall of sofa to decorate the home, but it needs to be matched reasonably, Will not affect the overall effect. The latest sofa background wall decorative painting matching effect pictures are for your reference only, and I hope they can be helpful to you

transparent floor to ceiling windows, such a sofa background wall, don't worry about how to decorate at all. The fashionable buildings outside the window naturally reflect into the living room and act as the background wall. They advocate simplicity in design, making the house appear unobstructed and broad

the choice of the same color furniture with less and better collocation can better reflect the fashion pursuit of the homeowner, especially the living room

effect drawing of sofa background wall (I)

the design of theme wall should not be messy and complex, and it is better to be concise and lively &mdash& mdash;& mdash; The wall is the place people often pass by, and the focus of their sight after entering the door. It is refreshing to apply a little makeup like a person's face. Nowadays, the theme wall is becoming simpler and simpler, with simple style as the fashion

effect drawing of sofa background wall (II)

the light green of the wall is to echo the dark green of the floor. Choosing several decorative paintings of different sizes to hang on the monotonous wall is also the best choice to decorate the sofa background wall, or placing potted plants, which is fashionable, beautiful, practical, and has both beauty. In addition, you can't make a background wall for making a TV background wall. The design of the background wall should pay attention to the overall collocation of the home, It needs to be matched and set off with other furnishings, and its location arrangement and lighting effect should also be considered

sofa background wall rendering (III)

the color of the sofa and the color of the wall foil each other. There are rich items that can be placed in the storage cabinet, including plants, which can also be used as one of the decorations of the sofa background wall. The use of color should be reasonable. From the psychological role of color, the role of color can make the room look larger or smaller, giving people “ Bulge ” Or “ Recessed ” The impression of can make the room active and quiet

effect drawing of sofa background wall (IV)

the sofa background wall has become a special area for storing items. Simple shelves put some family photos or their carefully selected decorative paintings, making the whole home beautiful and novel. The sofa background wall has been reasonably used and matched with the whole home style decoration. The method of having the best of both worlds, and the bright and eye-catching background wall can give people a pleasing feeling, And the weird background wall is very disturbing. The following 17 sofa background walls are beautiful and soft, and I believe they can bring you a comfortable feeling of life

effect drawing of sofa background wall (V)

personalized hand-painted sofa background wall is one of the ways to decorate the background wall. The simple curve pattern just matches the sofa striped surface. The setting of wall color and the red of the sofa itself form a strong contrast. The decoration of the above sofa background wall is the best example of harmonious home collocation. The sofa background wall is both a separate area, It is also a part of the whole living room. When decorating, you can't ignore its identity and help for the room

sofa background wall rendering (VI)

editor's summary: To sum up, we can choose simple and fashionable ways to decorate the sofa background wall, such as simple hand-painted wall, making full use of the space storage function of the wall, hanging several decorative paintings, etc., which are all good choices. I hope the above pictures can be used for your reference and appreciation

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