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Limeplj is a brand extension of lemonplj fruit juice drink of healthyfoodbrands Co., Ltd. its packaging adopts a brand-new style that makes people full of saliva, which is designed by Pemberton Whitefoot, a brand consulting agency. For more than ten years, plj has been committed to developing low calorie cool drinks and refreshing drinks. PW also redesigned the packaging of the original pljlemon flavored beverage. PW has developed a new label pattern, which gives people a fresh and modern feeling. On the label, there are brightly colored lemon and lime illustrations as decorative patterns. The clean white bottom is colored domestically and dotted with dark green tones. In each product, the fruit component in the beverage is the greatest contributor to the design, which also continues to the packaging. The small icons in the shape of lime and lemon are printed with prominent nutritional information, such as noaddedsugar (no added sugar) and 8caloriesperserving (only 8 calories per serving). H its speed control is actually inaccurate michaelbeard, a spokesman for ealthyfoodbrands Co., Ltd., said: the market research supply chain is flat, environmentally friendly and balanced, indicating that consumers want to drink a low calorie lime juice refreshing drink, but its fruit content should be as high as the existing lemon plj drink. Obviously, with the continuous improvement of people's health awareness and catering concept, a low calorie natural beverage like plj will undoubtedly have a great attraction to consumers who pay attention to their own weight and health, just as it is attractive to everyone who hopes to have a fresh start every day. The design of PW makes plj look new, and will make this brand attract more attention on the shelf

the two new lime and lemon plj are packaged in long neck glass bottles produced by alliedglass using the fast curing loctite Max 2 polyurethane resin (PU) and high pressure resin transfer molding (hp-rtm) process of Henkel (Dusseldorf, Germany). The labels are decorated with fresh and bright labels printed in five colors by multilabels Co., Ltd., including silver and a layer of matte coating. They are currently available in the UK and the Netherlands. The green and yellow long tooth side screw caps are from France and provided by BERICAP

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