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It is reported that Mitsui chemical has calculated the difference between the standard weight and the soft film used for masks. In the future, it will officially develop the soft film used for fluorodimer (F2) ExcimerLaser. The company is one of the largest companies in Japan that do not turn the handwheel. At present, its main products are soft films for KrF excimer laser, and soft films for ArF excimer laser The development of the film for increasing the length of the connecting line has been roughly completed, and the ARF products will be officially launched in the future. In the soft film industry, we will also focus on the most cutting-edge products, adopt the strategy of ensuring interests, and strive to develop F2 products with strong demand, so as to continue to maintain our leading position. Mitsui chemical is a leading enterprise in the soft film industry in Japan, with a history of nearly 20 years. Its market share in Japan is nearly 50% of the whole soft film, and about 70% for KrF and ARF

in the future, the new product will further enter the international market

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