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Huang Wanzhuan: the snow disaster highlights China's four major weaknesses

the snow disaster has taught the country and the people a profound lesson: first, the snow disaster has exposed that being prepared for danger in times of peace and enhancing the sense of hardship have not been implemented in many departments; Second, power supply has long been the bottleneck of China's economic development and people's improvement of living standards; Third, to ensure power supply, we must first ensure the supply of coal; Fourth, the problem of railway transportation should not be solved for a long time

the once-in-50-year freezing rain and snow disaster swept through China's developed and fertile southern region, where the wood-based panel experimental machine has multiple functions according to the national standard, resulting in a lack of coal, power and water supply and the paralysis of railway and civil aviation transportation. A large number of passengers were stranded, spring transportation was severely blocked, casualties, hardship and suffering, prices rose, and the direct economic losses reached more than 50 billion yuan (as of February 1). Agriculture was seriously damaged, The stock market has suffered a great impact. It has plummeted for several days. So far, it has not stopped. Its market value has evaporated to trillions

At the same time, the freezing rain and snow disaster also showed the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the superiority of the socialist system. The whole country is playing a game of chess. If one side is in trouble, all sides should support it. There are a large number of moving phenomena of sacrificing oneself for others, everyone for me, and everyone for me. The employees of relevant departments and the people's Liberation Army worked selflessly day and night, and the conscious cooperation of the affected and trapped people kept the disastrous consequences of the snow disaster from expanding, and strengthened people's confidence in the reconstruction of social morality. With one heart and one mind, people at all levels worked hard to provide disaster relief. They did not rely on foreign aid, but worked on their own, and wrote an earth shaking relief triumph

this snow disaster is a bad thing, but it has taught the country and the people a profound lesson and made people's minds more sober. Summing up the lessons is the afterthought, but discussing the weakness is the norm

for example, polymer materials have the same elongation as the automobile industry, which has held high the banner of "lightweight". First of all, the snow disaster has exposed that many departments have failed to implement the repeated warnings of the Central Committee and the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to be vigilant in times of peace and enhance their sense of hardship. This shows that they have not really understood and fully implemented the spirit of the 17th National Congress. The central documents and leaders have long warned about this issue, and the media often publish articles and make appeals, but why do they ignore it? This shows that among the leading cadres at all levels in order to quickly set the temperature of the heating furnace, there are still "three no cadres" who do not read books, newspapers and documents. This also shows that being prepared for danger in times of peace is far from enough as a political slogan. It must be prepared for emergency response in all aspects and major issues, accompanied by regular and effective ideological and political work, in order to be implemented

second, power supply has long been the bottleneck of China's economic development and people's improvement of living standards. Some foreign-funded enterprises even did not invest or withdraw from China, and high energy consuming enterprises reduced or stopped production. The public is even more inconvenient. People are asking why this problem has not been alleviated for a long time? People hope that after the completion of the Three Gorges project with an investment of 500 billion yuan, the problem will be alleviated. Instead of being alleviated, it will become more and more serious. Why? Isn't this problem worth pondering and taking action? Is it just because of the deregulation of coal prices and the limitation of electricity prices

the electric tiger should get up.

the serious consequences caused by the power failure during the snow disaster make people learn more from the pain. Nowadays, the restoration of power supply has become the primary task of disaster relief work, because without power, railway transportation will continue to be paralyzed, without power, there will be no water, people will not be able to live, and disaster relief can not be carried out. The direct cause of power failure is that the wires and supports are crushed and damaged by frozen ice, which makes people think of the problem of power infrastructure. The author believes that the power infrastructure in temperate and subtropical regions can be unified with that in cold regions, which is proved by facts. The power infrastructure in temperate and subtropical regions must be strong and not inferior to that in cold regions

third, to ensure power supply, we must first ensure the supply of power coal. It is also well known that there is a shortage of power coal. There are two main reasons: one is the shortage of railway transportation, and the other is the reduction of coal production. The reason for the reduction of coal production is closely related to the closure of a large number of unqualified small and medium-sized enterprises. It is not allowed for small and medium-sized coal mines to produce "blood coal", but whether we should change our thinking to deal with this problem instead of simply closing down, because this not only greatly reduces coal production, but also makes a large number of migrant workers unemployed. The reduction of the total coal production will certainly turn part of the power coal into other uses, and the increase of the unemployed will affect social stability and people's lives. Considering the overall situation, this idea should be changed

Fourthly, it is well known that railway transportation has been the bottleneck of China's development for a long time. This problem should not be solved for a long time, although it has made great progress since the reform and opening up. The author interviewed and investigated it, hoping to get the effect of dissecting sparrows

the snow disaster shows that the vulnerability of China's railway transportation is unexpected. In addition to the high pressure of the Spring Festival transportation, the main reason is that the railway department has been focusing on improving the transportation speed for a long time, but has seriously ignored the prevention of anxiety, the improvement of staff life and the weakening of Ideological and political work

please see, after the 17th National Congress and before the snow disaster, the Ministry of Railways held a national railway work conference. In the 20, 000 - word report of Minister Yang Yang, there was not a word about enhancing the sense of hardship, let alone various measures to deal with sudden natural disasters. In this way, in the snow disaster that hit several days after the meeting, the railway department was helpless to face the paralysis of railway transportation without mental preparation and emergency preparedness. This, in turn, puts the disaster relief work in a difficult position. But for the emergency response of the Central Committee and Premier Wen Jiabao, the situation would be difficult to clean up

increase investment in railway infrastructure

facts have proved that the working method of the railway department to improve the transportation speed alone over the years needs to be improved. Even if we talk about speeding up, we still need the support of all aspects of work to ensure its results. In the case of hard conditions, the speed was reluctantly increased, and eventually diesel locomotives were used instead of electric locomotives, otherwise the railway would be paralyzed

the speed increase of the railway has greatly enhanced the labor intensity of the staff, but the low wages of the staff are unimaginable. This is not difficult to understand, because the railway can be a profit-making department and take credit for it, while the suffering of the staff can be ignored. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the lives of railway workers quickly and appropriately. Faced with the front-line railway workers whose wages are lower than the social average and only 800 or 900 yuan, they have to appeal for higher wages with strikes that have never occurred since the Ministry of construction, and the Ministry of Railways has to agree to the workers' demands. This is very unwise. The wages of the front-line workers in the railway department can not even catch up with those of the nanny, and their labor intensity is very high. It is also difficult for the central government to recognize the large wage gap between the Ministry of Railways and the departments directly under it. The Ministry of Railways has always had a bad reputation both inside and outside the road. These problems can not be covered up by the speed increase

the labor of railway workers is similar to that of railway soldiers in the past. Without military political work, it is difficult to ensure its efficient operation. Therefore, the restoration of strong political work is the guarantee for the efficient operation of railway transportation

people are asking why the difficulty of getting a ticket for the Spring Festival transportation has not been alleviated for decades? Why is it that railway transportation is still the weakness of China's industrial and transportation work when the workers with strong combat effectiveness are overloaded? Insiders believe that the Ministry of Railways cannot be blamed for this. The main reason is that the railway infrastructure work has not received enough attention and investment. A cunning woman cannot make bricks without straw! The status of railway as the main mode of transportation will remain unchanged for a day, and sufficient infrastructure investment should be guaranteed. Otherwise, the high tension of the Spring Festival transportation cannot be relieved

the author is a senior theoretical researcher

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