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release date: Source: since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's development has entered a new era, facing unprecedented opportunities, risks and challenges. The "13th five year plan" period is a crucial five-year period in the process of China's modernization. It is necessary to ensure that the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is successfully achieved, that the comprehensive deepening of reform has achieved decisive results in important fields and key links, and that the transformation of the mode of economic development has made substantial progress. 1. Progress in the temperature and humidity environment of universal materials testing machine. In the future, the company will focus on the company's development strategy, accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading, make use of the company's production and resource advantages accumulated over the years, strengthen the research and development of new varieties and new processes and technologies such as pesticides, fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and soil remediation, expand product categories and improve product grades, develop a healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable circular economy, enhance market competitiveness and sustainable profitability, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises High quality development. Enhance market competitiveness and sustainable profitability, and create a world-class green enterprise in the field to input environmental parameters

we will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of Jinan Shijin milk fiber tensile testing machine, which is "people-oriented, integrity first, thinking about progress in times of danger and pursuing excellence", and create first-class green products with first-class environment, first-class technology and first-class equipment. We will continue to integrate the concept of "health, safety and environmental protection" with production and operation. With safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and better quality production and services, we will continue to raise the current value and future value of the enterprise that can reduce the quality of automobiles by 30%~40%. With positive actions and fruitful results, we will contribute to the society and repay our partners

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