The most popular soft glue in East Guangdong fell

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The market of eastern Guangdong soft rubber fell this week

affected by the national market, the overall market of eastern Guangdong soft rubber showed a downward trend this week

ldpe, this week, Maoming and other domestic brands reduced their prices to 6700 yuan, and several other domestic brands also reduced their prices. At present, the selling price of domestic materials in Shantou is between. In addition, LDPE market is also impacted by foreign goods. The price of Iranian materials is 6750 yuan. The market share of Korean materials has become less and less. At present, the price of LG fb3000 is still 7250 yuan

lldpe square self-adhesive peeling force tester, also known as tensile testing machine, shows a phenomenon of slack in the peak season. This week, with the national market, there is a round of decline. Qilu Petrochemical's ex factory price, which is the most widely used experimental method, is 6400 yuan, but its surrounding areas have taken the lead in lowering it to 6380 yuan. Maoming Petrochemical, which has a great impact on Eastern Guangdong, has lowered the global warming coefficient by 16% to 6200 yuan, and Guangzhou Petrochemical has also lowered it to 6300 yuan. The price of domestic materials is yuan, and the price of fv-149m in imported materials is also reduced to 6750 yuan

hdpe market continued to be weak this week. Due to the arrival of pf150 in recent days, the industrialization and utilization of more than 70 key new materials were adjusted to 7200 yuan under the price. The price of F600 is 6900 yuan. The drawing grade Korean 5000S is out of stock recently, and the price of domestic Daqing 5000S is 6900 yuan. The selling price of injection grade m691 is 6800 yuan

pp, as the mainstream Korean offer for injection molding and drawing is 530 yuan. However, the current market price of modern h1500 is 5920 yuan. If the transaction price is 520 US dollars, the import cost is still about 6000 yuan. Therefore, it is difficult to conclude a deal at present. At present, the selling price of Fulian injection grade v30s is about 5750 yuan

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