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The socialized agricultural machinery service system needs to be improved in recent years, with the increasing implementation of the national policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting agriculture, especially the increasing scale of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, the production and sales of agricultural machinery products have maintained a growth rate of more than 20%, which has rapidly increased the number of agricultural machinery in China

"with the rapid increase in the number of agricultural machinery in China, the service of agricultural machinery is becoming more and more important." On August 1, wangyushi, executive vice president and senior engineer of China Agricultural machinery circulation association, said in an interview with China industry news that China's agricultural machinery industry must solve the outstanding problems in serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers as soon as possible, coordinate all forces, and build a socialized agricultural machinery service system as soon as possible, so as to provide important experimental data and dynamic display support and guarantee for the sound and rapid development of China's agricultural mechanization

5% of consumers are extremely dissatisfied. Zhangrenwen, executive deputy manager of agricultural equipment business department of Foton LOVOL International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., told on August 1 that a special survey on Agricultural Machinery Services jointly organized by the company and a domestic survey company showed that only 48.7% of respondents were satisfied with agricultural machinery services, more than half of respondents were dissatisfied with agricultural machinery services, and even 5% of consumers were extremely dissatisfied

the statistical results of the agricultural machinery product quality complaint supervision station of the China Consumer Association also confirmed the urgency of improving the service level of agricultural machinery. In 2008, the complaint station accepted agricultural machinery complaints, up 26.5% compared with 2007. Such a result is not only inconsistent with the requirements of the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China, but also with the strategy of transforming China from a large agricultural machinery country to a powerful agricultural machinery country

wangyushi told this newspaper that China's agricultural machinery enterprises (including production, circulation and maintenance) are generally poor in profit and strength, and most of them are in a state of subsistence, unable to increase their investment in service institutions, service personnel and service vehicles

in addition, because the market is not standardized and disorderly competition, many enterprises that do not have the service ability destroy the market fairness; Government departments do not fully understand the importance, commonweal and particularity of agricultural machinery services, and lack overall planning, macro guidance and corresponding policy support

machine service is very difficult

service is an important bridge and link connecting the manufacturing and use of agricultural machinery. Without the service of agricultural machinery enterprises, industrial production will not continue, and farmers will not be able to purchase and use conveniently; The service quality of agricultural machinery enterprises is directly related to the speed and quality of agricultural mechanization

wangyushi told me that since the service objects of agricultural machinery enterprises are farmers who are not rich, have limited cultural knowledge and live scattered, and farmers belong to vulnerable groups, the services of agricultural machinery enterprises have certain public welfare

compared with other mechanical and electrical products, the service of agricultural machinery enterprises is more difficult, mainly in the following three aspects

first, the service radius is large. The rural area is vast, farmers live scattered, the quality of agricultural machinery is generally not high, and agricultural machinery is an important means of production. Its structure is complex, which increases great difficulty for enterprise user service

second, the seasonal influence is very prominent. Affected by the farming season, the service demand of agricultural machinery is highly concentrated and grows explosively every spring, summer and autumn, which brings great difficulties to the allocation and use of enterprise service resources

third, agricultural machinery has a long service cycle. General mechanical and electrical products are frequently used throughout the year, and the renewal cycle is 5 ~ 10 years. However, large and medium-sized agricultural machinery is only used once or twice a year, and the actual use time is only about one quarter of that of mechanical and electrical products. Therefore, the actual renewal cycle is longer, which increases the difficulty for the follow-up after-sales service of enterprises

construction of socialized service system

"the lag in the construction of socialized service system is the bottleneck in the development of agricultural machinery services." Wangkejun, deputy general manager of China Yituo, told us that from the analysis of China's agricultural machinery service demand, the contradiction between the relatively concentrated service demand of the agricultural machinery market and the relatively lagging improvement of the service capacity of agricultural machinery enterprises has become more prominent. "Building a socialized service system is the fundamental way to solve the problem of agricultural machinery service."

as an agricultural machinery circulation enterprise, wangxinming, chairman of Sichuan Jifeng agricultural machinery chain Co., Ltd., believes that agricultural machinery circulation is an important part of China's agricultural mechanization. With the successive introduction of national policies to support and benefit agriculture, the circulation system of agricultural machinery has been continuously improved and perfected, and the construction of a modern circulation pattern of agricultural machinery with chain operation as the main body has been accelerated. It is of increasingly important significance to provide high-quality, low-cost and good service Agricultural Machinery products to the countryside, and to promote the continuous improvement of the ability of the circulation industry of agricultural machinery to serve "agriculture, rural areas and farmers"

wangyushi told that the development idea of agricultural machinery industry serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" should be guided by the scientific concept of development, coordinate agricultural machinery production, circulation enterprises, government management departments, industry organizations and various social forces, and comprehensively use various means such as policy adjustment, market guidance and interest distribution to mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, so as to build a comprehensive system of A dynamic socialized agricultural machinery service system

six measures to vigorously promote

wangyushi told that the main development measures to build a socialized agricultural machinery service system include six aspects

first, support the development of agricultural machinery chain operation, encourage the integration of agricultural machinery operation service network with modern circulation mode, and improve network service capacity

the second is to promote the "four in one" model, create an integrated service alliance for manufacturers, explore new ways of cooperation for long-term stable relations among manufacturers, and jointly promote the "four in one" construction of sales, service, parts supply and information feedback of circulation enterprises

the third is to encourage qualified circulation enterprises to establish special brand stores and create circulation service brands

fourth, support the construction of socialized regional high-performance agricultural machinery maintenance service center. In recent years, the trans regional operation has developed rapidly, and the maintenance of high-performance agricultural machinery is prominent. It is imperative to establish the corresponding agricultural machinery maintenance service center

fifthly, leading the backbone agricultural machinery enterprises in the industry to jointly establish a nationwide agricultural machinery service alliance to facilitate local farmers to achieve nearby maintenance and service

2. The pointer of the experimental machine does not move:

sixthly, the best experimental equipment that can create more economic benefits for users at all levels by encouraging the combination of manufacturers and the linkage between schools and enterprises, guiding enterprises to increase the retraining of marketing service personnel, ensuring the supply of practical talents in urgent need of agricultural machinery, and improving the service ability of enterprises

suggestions to increase support

in order to speed up the construction of socialized service system, wangyushi put forward the following suggestions: first, bring the construction of socialized agricultural machinery service system into the national industrial development plan. Second, we will further formulate and revise laws, regulations and standards related to agricultural machinery services, strengthen supervision and management of behaviors without service qualifications and maintenance qualifications, and standardize the agricultural machinery market. Third, it is suggested that the financial department should establish (or restore) special funds, or incorporate them into the existing national agricultural support policies, and comprehensively use various ways such as loan discount, financial subsidies and incentives to support the chain operation of agricultural machinery, the construction of regional key agricultural machinery tangible markets and the construction of agricultural machinery brand stores, so as to improve the maintenance service capacity of agricultural machinery circulation enterprises. Fourth, establish a National Agricultural Mechanization Service Fund to specifically support the construction of agricultural machinery service points or reward enterprises with outstanding agricultural machinery services, and promote the development of socialized agricultural machinery services. Fifthly, it is suggested that the state should increase its support for agricultural machinery technology innovation and new product development, improve the technical content of agricultural machinery products, and enhance the service strength of agricultural machinery enterprises. Sixthly, it is suggested to further improve and perfect the current operating procedures of machine purchase subsidies, reduce the pressure of agricultural machinery production, circulation of enterprise funds and price limit, so as to enhance the strength of enterprises and increase their investment in services