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KLD energy technologies launches a partner pilot program for Asian vehicle manufacturers

China industrial control information KLD energy technologies launches a partner pilot program for Asian vehicle manufacturers

U.S. business information Austin, Texas news: in response to growing demand, KLD energy technologies, headquartered in Austin, Inc. announced the launch of a new partner pilot program (P3) for global manufacturers of two and three wheelers. The plan aims at manufacturers in India and China, and allows selected companies to test Nanshan Aviation Materials Industrial Park under KLD energy, which is a patented high-frequency, low-speed, high torque, gearbox free engine system of Y technologies, to ensure that key design specifications are met

kld energy technologies and its subsidiary KLD Motors America, Christian okonsky, founder and CEO of KMA, Inc., said, "leading automakers recognize that our motor system represents a shift in the motor model. We are targeting India and China because of the unprecedented growth of the scooter market in these countries. Manufacturers are looking for cheap, high-performance solutions to replace gasoline powered vehicles."

through the P3 program, Vehicle OEMs can determine the performance and specifications of motors before accepting large orders. Vijay DAVAR, President of KLD energy technologies and KMA and vice president of global sales and marketing, is responsible for the implementation of the project on behalf of the company

DAVAR said, "we are pleased to announce the P3 plan. It shows our support and commitment to our early partners in building a successful and mutually beneficial alliance. Our cutting-edge technology provides leading manufacturers with a solution to meet the key performance challenges inherent in traditional motor propulsion systems in all vehicles."

by using patented technology, KLD energy Tec can solve the problem by itself. Hnologies and KMA have launched a high-performance motor system, which uses nanocrystalline composite materials to achieve lower power consumption and higher efficiency than traditional iron core motors. High frequency and low speed eliminate the gearbox, which greatly improves the efficiency of the vehicle. Highly sensitive systems enable electric vehicles to achieve the same speed and performance levels as gasoline powered vehicles at lower operating and ownership costs

in Asian cities and other densely populated areas, various types of scooters are replacing bicycles as the main mode of transportation. More and more major Asian countries are trying to curb the risk of pollution and have formulated a series of strategies, including promoting the use of electric vehicles

earlier this year, KMA announced an agreement with sufat, a leading small motorcycle manufacturer in Vietnam, to produce high-performance motors for the new electric vehicle series together with paperboard 1. The motor is expected to start production at KMA factory in Hanoi, Vietnam in the fourth quarter. The production of electronic control equipment was carried out in Austin, Texas

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about KLD energy technologies, Inc.

KLD energy technologies, headquartered in Austin, designs and authorizes patented technology for high-performance motor systems. The company listened to the suggestions of experts from the national metallurgical planning and Design Institute. The core technology is a motor system with high frequency, low speed and no gearbox, which can improve the speed and efficiency of electric vehicles

kld energy technologies' mission is to transform transportation modes and reduce pollution through high-performance motor systems. The company's technology represents a change in the design mode of motors, which can support the production of efficient and environment-friendly two wheeled and three wheeled vehicles

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about KLD Motors America, Inc. (KMA)

KMA is a subsidiary of KLD energy technologies, which produces patented high-performance motor systems for the international market of scooters, motorcycles and tricycles. Using advanced manufacturing technology, KMA's factory in Hanoi, Vietnam uses nanocrystalline composites to produce motors

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