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The kitchen and bathroom are damp and easy to corrode, and Guda European standard villa wires are more moisture-proof to protect safety

Abstract: Guda European standard villa wires fully meet the needs of high-quality home decoration, and now it has become one of the hottest high-end wire brands in the wire market

daily wires seem inconspicuous, but when decorating and purchasing wires, we must not be careless. Generally, the decoration wires are concealed works, which are deeply buried in the wall and ground in the early stage of decoration, and it is difficult to replace after the completion of various decoration in the later stage. Therefore, when choosing wires for decoration, we should not only buy suitable ones, but also choose high-quality wire products if most people don't know the specifications very well

especially in areas with heavy moisture such as kitchens and toilets, the ground and walls are in a humid environment for a long time, and the wires deeply buried in them are subject to moisture corrosion damage all the time. Under long-term wet corrosion, it will accelerate the corrosion and aging of the outer insulation layer of the kitchen and bathroom wires and reduce the service life of the wires. Moisture intrusion into the wire core will not only cause copper blackening, but also lead to wire breakdown, short circuit fire events. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right professional moisture-proof wire in the humid environment such as kitchen and bathroom! Guda's new high-end European standard villa wire is specially developed for wet environment

it is the first non hygroscopic polymer material to realize electricity, which integrates the water-based Pu technology, the cooperative development of new fabrics and the cooperative development of PU coated fabrics. The manufacturer plans to upgrade the moisture-proof technology of the wire.

gooda cable aims at the corrosion problem of wires in wet areas such as kitchens and toilets, and has been committed to the research and development of moisture-proof of wires for many years. Guda's new high-end European standard villa wire customized for wet environment has achieved a comprehensive breakthrough in moisture-proof technology, and the introduction of new non hygroscopic polymer materials has completely solved the moisture-proof safety problem of wires in wet areas

it is understood that the Guda cable research team and the doctoral expert group of the Institute of materials and metallurgy under Guizhou University have successfully developed non hygroscopic polymer materials over a period of one and a half years. The successful research and development of this material has brought a new professional breakthrough to the improvement of the moisture-proof performance of cable products, and also filled the technical gap related to professional moisture-proof materials in the cable industry. At present, the research and development of this material has obtained the national patent certificate, which is a major innovation in the moisture-proof technology of wires

Guda's new high-end European standard villa wire with this material has achieved a qualitative leap in moisture resistance compared with competitive products in the market. The addition of non hygroscopic polymer materials greatly reduces the water absorption index of plastics, solves the problems of copper blackening and short service life of wire products in humid environment, and the service life of kitchen and bathroom products in high humidity environment can exceed 70 years

not only does it perform well in terms of moisture resistance, but Guda European standard villa wires are also far ahead of competitors in terms of high temperature resistance, energy and power conservation, environmental protection and health

Russian irradiation equipment, the world's leading irradiation process technology, high temperature resistance can reach ℃

gooda cable spent more than 10 million to introduce Russian imported irradiation particle accelerator equipment and establish a production workshop for irradiation home decoration wires. This set of equipment, nchal, etc., leads the world in terms of irradiation and crosslinking technology through ring opening polymerization, which is superior to other domestic irradiation production technologies, and greatly improves the technological advantages of Guda irradiated wires. Through this set of high-energy particle irradiation accelerator equipment, the wires produced have no scorch, no bubbles, good cross-linking uniformity, the insulation layer is not sticky to conductors, easy to peel off, and the high temperature resistance can reach ℃

99.99% high purity Jiangxi copper and Kunming copper, with a 15% increase in current carrying capacity, power saving is a good wire

many people don't know that the right choice of wire can save a lot of electricity costs for families. Wires that look the same have different internal "cores" and different ampacity. The selection of wire copper core not only affects the operating procedures and precautions, but also affects the current carrying capacity by estimating the force required by the sample before the test. European standard villa wires use high-quality Jiangxi copper and Kunming copper, with a purity of 99.99%. This is a kind of pure copper that does not contain oxygen or any deoxidizer residue, with a purity of 99.99%, and the total content of impurities is not more than 0.01%, so it has excellent conductivity. The current carrying capacity is increased by 15%, which can meet the increasing number of smart appliances at home, and at the same time, it does not trip, saving 15% of the electricity bill compared with ordinary wires

high moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, energy saving and power saving. Once Guda's new high-end European standard villa wire was listed, it was favored by many high-end decoration companies and owners. Now 70% of high-end decoration companies have reached product designated supply cooperation with Guda cable. Without relying on advertising and strength, gooda's European standard villa wires have also passed the three international quality certifications of RoHS in the European Union, SAA in Australia and UL in the United States, upgraded five core processes, and been insured by Ping An insurance for more than 70 years! Guda European standard villa wires fully meet the needs of high-quality home decoration, and now has become one of the hottest high-end wire brands in the current wire market

: Zhou Lingling

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