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Klaus Maffei will exhibit the multi-purpose polyurethane system

Klaus Maffei will exhibit the compact polyurethane mixing meter ecostar16/16 at the German plastics processing Exhibition (fakuma 2012). This equipment has the high quality and high price performance of Klaus mafi as always, and can be used in all polyurethane applications

Klaus Murphy remembered the disadvantage of this kind of experiment at the exhibition that the loading rate of the sample component is not adjustable. This equipment is equipped with a cantilever beam and mk8/12ulkp-2kvv mixing head. The mixing ratio is 1:1. The operation of this granulator includes a series of links such as equipment, dispensing, commissioning, operation, protection and repair of the machine. The discharge capacity of the machine per second is dak, and the laminar flow input is grams. Even the basic version of ecostar is equipped with double wall hopper, filling level monitoring, flow measurement and Siemens S7 control system. All components related to the treatment process are consistent with Klaus Maffei's famous mixing and metering system, and have been widely praised by the market. In addition to the basic equipment, ecostar can also choose some other configurations to better meet the personalized requirements of customers

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